BOV installation

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  1. We picked up a turbo coupe intercooler to cut into, Where should we mount the valve? Should I cut and tig weld on one of the side tanks? Next to the inlet? What do people normally do?

    We are going with a stock looking setup on this car, so we didn't want a front mount ic.
  2. Ive seen a few setup where people welded a bung on the exit end tank and hooked up from there, as that would be the best place to release the intake charge, Closest to the t/b. Just my .02 :O)
  3. just drill that bung out and have a machine shop tap it for a hose connector. Thread the 1" hose connection in, and put the hose and BOV on.:nice:
  4. thnx guys, good pick. Was exactly what I was looking for.
  5. what kinda of BOV was that 140cilx?
  6. Bailey EVO
  7. I would say mount it on the turboside of the IC. no reason to let the cooled air out.
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  10. cool..thanks
  11. Pro-Hawk, the turbocars website is down for some reason, been that way a while. Sorry you can't see it the link.

    I swapped in a TC IC so I could put the BOV on it and leave the SVO IC unmolested.

    I put it on the Throttle Body side of the IC. ArizMidnite has a point except, I didn't want the BOV sitting on the heated side of the engine basking in all that glorious exhaust manifold heat. So I put it on the intake side. I also wanted it as close to the TB as possible so the pressure would blow off as far away from the turbo as possible to help maintain it's spinning.

    Since then I've frontmounted the SVO's IC. If you want pics of the BOV placement email me and I'll shoot you some pics. [email protected]

    I never have luck uploading pics on here.

  12. I used a Forge BOV and LOVE it. I'm using a TC intercooler. Just drilled and tapped it near the throttle body Fits perfect and works great. Just watch out for clearance with the throttle linkage. And say goodbye to adding oil to your car without taking the intercooler off. :lol: