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  1. Hey Everyone, name is Brian and I wanted to make my introduction and tell you a little about my product that I make. I am a powder coater with a passion for Fords, Mustangs, and anything else that is fast! I have always had a Mustang and love going to car shows, but one thing I’ve always seen is cheap and flimsy display stands. Usually it’s a little picture frame propped somewhere on the engine. Another common thing I see is those tripod A-frame displays that I watch people bump into knocking them over into the car, or worse yet, hit the car next to it! I have seen a gusts of wind take these kinds of displays out, causing damage to some pretty expensive vehicles.

    Some of these displays are so close to the ground that nobody can, or wants to read them. It was so frustrating that I couldn’t find a proper display stand for my own personal vehicle, that I made my own!

    When brain storming about a perfect stand, I wanted it to break down into pieces so it would fit into my trunk. It had to be light, but still sturdy enough to take a pretty hard hit and not damage my, or any one else’s vehicle. Lastly, the thing had to be tall enough that people would want to read it! I think my stand has a classy, industrial look that should addresses these issues and really makes your your custom car stand out in a crowd.

    The stand’s foundation begins by laying the baseplate down and driving the front tire of your car onto it.


    The other two pieces easily connect together and lock tight with a couple turns of some thumb screws on the back of the stand.





    The center pieces of these stands is a great place to display customizable vinyl, or CNC plasma cut artwork.


    CNC cut text and LED backlighting.


    The top of the display stand has a floating piece of acrylic that is lifted off of the metal with 3/16th” spacers and stainless steel button head screws with SS nylon locking nuts. There is also a hole in the metal plate to assist with installation/removal of the artwork.


    Awhile back I had a customer ask me about a design that would hold a book or photo album. I now include with every stand a removable 4" lip that optionally mounts to the top.

  2. attached1.jpg


    This stand is very sturdy. There will be no wind, child, or adult knocking it into the side of your car.*


    The 50lb weight wasn’t enough, so I threw my floor jack on there for good measure.


    I’ve got two different size of tops. One holds a 24”x18” poster and the other holds a 17”x11”. Opening and closing the hood of your car is no problem either with the long base plate that I provide. The overall height of an assembled stand 42” and weighs in at apx 20lbs. This display also stands freely without the weight of the car on it, allowing you to keep it in your basement or garage while not using it at shows. (at shows I highly recommend parking on the base for peace of mind)

    As far as powder coating goes, there are 100’s of colors to choose from. Customize it to match the color of your car or your personal style. Prices with particular options vary, but a standard single color powder coated stand
    is $395 delivered anywhere in the lower 48.

    I also design some of the posters for my customers as well. Contact me for more information.


    Thanks for your time everyone, and happy car showing!

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  3. The stand with the customer's car. june2011whippleinstalla.jpg