Braided Fuel Lines and Adapters

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  1. For those of you looking to replace the stock fuel hoses with stainless steel braided lines and AN fittings, but still retain the stock fuel rail and stock hard line tubing, I have come up with a shopping cart of fittings and adapters that worked on my 97 Cobra. I have a stock fuel system - pressure and return lines. I have researched and successfully executed, by trial and error, what I needed for my car. I only replaced the section of fuel lines that are visable in the back passenger corner of the engine bay. I used the Mr. Gasket shadow series AN fittings (for looks), but I am sure that the same fittings in a different brand will work just fine. Keep in mind I retained the stock fuel rail and hard line tubing. I found all the adapters and fittings for just the upgrade of the hose. I retained the -6 AN for the pressure and return side. Russell makes an EFI x 6 AN adapter for the pressure side that has the male -8 AN that fits the stock fuel rail. The other end is a male -6 AN to fit the stock hard line tubing. This eliminated a reducer fitting. No flaring or cutting is necessary. The adapters do exist. I used 45 degree fittings because they were extras from another job. Use whatever angle fit your situation. This will require some mental visualization:

    Pressure side from stock fuel rail (-6 AN):

    Russell #640900 (only available in blue) (EFI x 6 AN pressure side) connect to stock fuel rail
    Mr. Gasket S6 (shadow series -6 AN) straight -6 AN fitting
    -6 AN braided stainless steel hose
    Mr. Gasket F456 (shadow series -6 AN) 45 degree -6 AN fitting
    Russell - #640860 - 5/16 hard line tube adapter connect to stock hard line

    If you choose to use an -8 AN pressure size, you will need the Russell #640880 (blue) or #640883 (black) EFI x 8 AN pressure side to connect to the stock fuel rail, -8 AN fittings and hose and Earls plumbing fitting #995108 (-6 female to -8 male expander) and then connect to the Russell #640860 adapter.

    Return side from stock fuel rail (-6 AN)

    Russell #640870 (blue) or #640873 (black) (EFI x 6 AN return side) connect to rail
    Mr. Gasket S6 (shadow series -6 AN) straight -6 AN fitting
    -6 AN braided stainless steel hose
    Mr. Gasket F456 (shadow series -6 AN) 45 degree -6 AN fitting
    Aeroquip #FF1316-0406S compression fitting - (for 1/4" hard line tube) - connect to stock hard line tubing

    At first glance, the Aeroquip compression fitting doesn't look like it would work. Place the fitting as far down on the hard tubing as it will go and use a wrench to tighten. Do not overtighten and do not loose the internal compression part inside the fitting !
    I originally had Russell #640860 (5/16) and #640850 (3/8) for the return and pressure. They don't fit the stock hard lines. The stock hard lines use 1/2" for the pressure and 1/4" for the return. The 5/16 adapter is used, but for the pressure side. I had to find the adapter that would fit the stock 1/4" hard line.

    Hope this helps ! Please keep in mind that this worked for my car... maybe it can work for you. :nice:

  2. Looks good...nice write up also.
  3. Thanks ! NOONE had the answers when I was looking for them. I swore if I could make it work without cutting, swearing and flaring, I would post.... which as you can see, I don't do. I am a mental poster..:D
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