Brake caliper locked


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Jan 14, 2019
Aptos, CA
Was the car lowered all 4 corners? The rear's can bounce the heck out of you if the springs are too heavy. I installed coil over Koni's on all four and my rear rate is 200# which is fairly firm for street and road course. The shock is easily adjusted without lifting car. Fronts are 400#. I always cater to setting suspension first then adding HP or goodies.
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Black GT

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Sep 8, 2018
Jacksonville, Florida
Not sure if the rear was lowered. When I bought the car over 3 years ago the guy I bought it from gave me a new pair of rear shocks that I installed. They didn't look like anything special. I would love to make it a softer ride and keep the look it has. I plan on keeping the car but its my toy. Not my daily driver. It has a manual transmission and fun to drive. Will light up the rear tires.