Brake - Clutch Pedal Pads

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  1. Long time ago I tried to replace the worn out pedal pads. I had a hard time slipping them over the lip edges, I finally gave up and just bought some pedal covers. They're kinda wide so I'd like to go back to the stock look and smaller pedals. Any trick to sliding the "stock like" ones on???
  2. ^^^^^ROTFL!!! I swear it wasn't that F'n easy, Jarrod why did you skip the clutch pedal??? Think that was the one that gave me fits too, it just wouldn't slip over :rlaugh:
  3. Boil them in some water, take them out while trying not to burn yourself and slip them on.

    Soapy water mix on the backside helps as well
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  4. That's a really good idea actually...

    Just don't grease them up in any way or they'll come off later. Just take your time with them.
  5. Nice, great idea I'll try that :nice:
  6. It's how i had to put those darn Bullitt pedals on my '03 GT. Talk about PITA!
  7. Maybe get someone with stronger fingers to slip them over the pedals for you. Your girlfriend, or grandmother perhaps? :shrug:

  8. Yeah they were super hard to press over, just annoying really.

    Don't worry and stay up late Gearbanger, I'll have my girlfriend back home before midnight, ....that is if the brake pedal she put on stays :lol:
  9. Try getting the ford racing pedal covers on the fox body. It took a while, and a lot of boiling water, but they do fit. At least I know they won't budge, but man was it a struggle. DSC05420.JPG
  10. You do realize the pads are on upside down, right?

  11. yeah, one of the pedals is upside down, but the only other way to make them fit is to either cut the pad or grind the pedal arm, which I didn't want to do. The way they are on gives me a little bit more clearance between the clutch and the brake pedal.
  12. gonna boil me some rubber :nice:

  13. makes heal/tow shifting a bit harder :D