Brake Ducts In Steel Apron?

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  1. is anyone running brake ducts in the factory steel apron? My car is almost ready for paint, so I'm trying to get any last body mods done before then.

    I live in WA, and we have to run a front plate here, no way around it. I originally wanted to use a street apron, but there is no way to make a license plate look good on it.

    I was thinking of putting in oval shaped brake duct holes just inboard of the vertical bumper guards. Has anyone done this? Do you have pics? I just want to make sure it doesn't look terrible before I start cutting.

  2. I just purchased a pair of 2 1/2" round brake duct trim for my '66 Stang on e-bay, but I have Not installed them.... I was going to use a hydraulic punch to cut the holes in the front apron to minimize the damage to my paint. I just installed Wilwood Disc Brakes on all four corners of my car and I just thought about brake cooling for the front discs just like you.....
  3. Unless the apron is dead flat where you want to put the holes, i'd be worried about the punch warping the metal.
  4. The front apron is "flat" and shouldn't be a problen.....
  5. Even with a punch you are likely to have some flaking around the hole .
    you may be better off using a hole saw and going very slow so not to create heat .
    Use masking tape on the area to help protect it.