Brake Light Fuse Blows

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by SableSal, May 29, 2013.

  1. Haha I will. Just been a little busy. I gotta get a good pic of the damage. Tonight I promise!
  2. So I knew the issue had to lie in the pedal assembly, but for good measure I decided to take apart the interior to start following the wiring harness. So I look and look, even look at the wiring under the hood, because I've ran radiators in the past. But I decided to take another good look at the wiring near the pedal assembly. What I've read NEVER described the wiring where it's damaged. I found chaffed wiring! The location of the damaged wiring is best described right where it meets the firewall. I have kept looking around the actual pedal assy itself. I found the wiring was getting chaffed ONLY when the clutch pedal was depressed in it's full depressed position. The wiring is really high up and if you're not really digging your head under, you won't see it. Anyhow here's a picture of what I found.


    I hope this helps someone else who is searching high and low and can't seem to get a good reason as to why their #9 fuse keeps blowing. I know I had to live with this for almost a year until I figured out where it was coming from... That's a whole mess of fuses!