Brake light issue


New Member
May 8, 2020
Ok mustang sn95 owners I got a good question for you. I got a 04 mustang gt now I got a issue with my brake lights. I bought these nice led tail lights that self sequential from spec-D for around $300 or so about a year ago every thing was working fine turn signal, night light, brake lights , hazard lights. So two days ago I got pulled over come to find out my brake lights didn't show when I applied the brake pedal but the turn signal and hazard and night lights worked. now I understand I needed a brake switch so I bought a new switch and spliced the wires and bought the harness as well then the brake lights still didn't show so I figured to do a test light test did the fuses theirs power going in did the test light to the brake switch that has power as well what else can I do P/S my third brake light doesn't work as well and that's a full led should I got back to OEM too see if it works or theirs a solution please help.
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