Brake lights not working

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  1. HELP!! I have a 2000 Mustang GT and none of my brake lights are working. The bulbs look good and I replaced the fuse, and the stoplight switch with no change. Anyone have any ideas of what could be the problem?

  2. I was going to suggest the switch but you did that...hmmm...did you replace any of the bulbs in the past? Do they work with the lights on? Any water in the tailights?
  3. Is it just the brake light portion of the bulb assemlby? Do the tail lights come on when you turn your headlights on? What about your blinkers, do they work?

  4. Both blinkers work, emergency flashers, and tail lights. I also noticed that my cruise control is not working which made me think I still have a bad switch so i got another switch still no brake lights.
  5. you may be onto something here. Cruise shuts off when you apply the brakes, so your brake light problem and cruise problem may be cause by the same thing. Start looking to see what item(s) both use as a part of their operating systems.
  6. Here is a picture of the stoplight switch i replaced twice. There is also a white plastic part that connects to my brake pedal that moves in when i push the brake. can any one tell me what it is I cant find it in part catalogs.

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  7. if your switch was bad and the cruise didnt work then the brake lights would be ON not off..
  8. put it in reverse. Do the backup lights come on??
  9. bring ur car to al maroone ford 4045 transit road williamsville ny, i'll fix it for ya i got nothin else to do, ask for Alex
  10. yes the back up lights work. everything seems to be working except brake lights and cruise control. i.m stumped
  11. thanks for the offer but TN to NY is a little far. but any info would be greatly appreciated
  12. '03 fuses (I know your's 2000) but they may be similar. By the way which fuse did you replace?

    33 - Stop lamp switch, Speed control deactivation switch.
    41 - brake lamp
  13. those are the same ones i replaced 15 amp mini
  14. This may be a dumb question, but I gotta ask...

    Did you put the right kind of bulbs (dual filament) in for the brake lights? Also what (if any) were the circumstances leading up to the brake lights not working?
  15. Yes I have the correct bulbs. I did nothing i can think of that would cause them not to work. Yesterday someone said hey your brake lights are not coming on and here i am.
  16. check the connection at the multifuntion switch, the wirring for the stop lights runs thru the multifuntion switch. A lot fo times we find that the pins pull out of the connectors on the muti switch.
  17. where is the multifuntion switch? is it the turn signal unit on the steering column?
  18. Yes it is. This is a very good possibility for your problem. Ford has known issues with these things not working, or even catching fire (re-called). Keep plugging away at it and keep us posted. :nice:
  19. Yeah I did'nt know the brake wires went through the multifunction switch. I bet thats my problem cause sometimes my wipers come on by themselves. I'll check it out thanks for the help..
  20. There was a thread not to long ago about the removal of the whole assembly. Try a search for it, cause there are tiny pieces that can get lost very easily. Most people were able to get in there and clean the contacts, which solved there problem.

    As a matter of fact svttech76 had alot to say about them :nice:
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