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Mar 29, 2020
yuma, az
So it was brought to my attention that both brake lights aren't working. I unscrewed the taillight plugs from the tail lights and all the lights works, turn signals, reverse, warning & tail lights but the brake lights don't turn on. Both the small light and the bigger light that screw into the the outside square (lx tail lights) of the tail lights are both on when the lights are on; i'm assuming one of those is supposed to get brighter when you hit the brakes. So what do guys think it is is it a brake light switch and correct me if i'm wrong the fuse for the brake lights is connected to all the exterior lights so it couldn't be blown then? What should I check to track my issue?
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Nov 29, 1999
Fuse to the brake lights is it’s own fuse, they are on separate circuits from your running lights . Have someone check your 3rd brake light when you hit the brakes . If it comes on it isn’t the switch . If it does then start with the switch being suspect .