Brake Rotors - R1 Concepts - Any Good?

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  1. The LX Vert is due some new rotors and I really like the slotted/cross drilled style.
    LMR is a little pricey so I was checking out R1 Concepts E-series and they are about 1/2 the cost for all 4 as compared to LMR and American Muscle. I wanted to see if any of you had any experience with R1. I like the price but I don't want to buy junk either. Learned the hard way on that in the past. Thanks
  2. IMO drilled rotors on a street car are a waste of money and worse if they are cheap Chinese crap. I have personally seen cheap cross drilled rotors crack on several mustangs. You can also have a hard time finding someone to turn them when it comes time to resurface them. If you are dead set on not using the stock rotors, look for some slotted rotors which will allow the gasses to escape but maintain a higher integrity level of the rotor.

    I think you would be better served by simply replacing the rotors with stock quality replacement ones and some good pads such as Hawk or EBC.
  3. I hear what you are saying and definitely some good points. I'm not dead set on them, I just like the "clean" look of them. My only complaint with the stock replacements is that they get surface rust like crazy and look like crap unless you are constantly cleaning them. Thanks for the input.