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WAIT,you now have a pair?
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Apr 3, 2009
Well, I was going to update last night, but carried away pulling things apart last night.

Went to the yard yesterday and got some parts.

Calipers, brackets and related off of a 2004. Master, booster, and dust shields off a '95.

Here's where things get a little strange.....

The anti-moan brackets on the left are off of the '95, the rusty ones on the right are off the '04. Hmm, which ones do I need....glad I got both sets.
I wanted to use the cleaner ones, but they wouldn't fit. The upper control arm bracket is in the way of the U-bolt. My luck, I had to use the rusty ones off the '04.
Still had to trim them to fit though.

Had to cut off about 3/4" so they would clear the bracket on the axle. The U-bolt went through the middle of the bracket and clears. (pic taken after blasting and powder-coating)

Here's where I am now

Caliper bracket attached just to get the anti-moan bracket in place.

You can see where the U-bolt goes through and If it wasn't cut, it would hit the lower control arm bracket.

For the main caliper brackets (ones attached to axle tube), I decided to use the switch and flip method. Cut an opening in the bracket to get them on the inside of the mounting flange and switch sides. This way I can retain the stock axles.

Got new calipers, rotors, pads, hoses, master cylinder and a '93 Cobra booster coming. Going to get a master without reservoir so I can use one from an Explorer or Ranger. They are just a rectangle reservoir with no angled top. I pulled one off a '97 Ranger and it fits the '95 Mustang master. Yep, all these are just for cores. There were no good parts there.

So far, this is pretty easy. (Once things got figured out with the help I've gotten). The hard part is going to be the parking brake. I was all set to pull a parking brake handle out of another car when a light came on. On the '84, the adjuster for the cable goes through the tunnel on the right side of the handle. On '87-up, it goes through on the left of the handle. Gonna have to dig into this more before I order cables or anything. Maybe next week I'll just grab a newer handle and see how I can modify it to work. If I used a '87-up handle, it would end up waaaay off center.

Oh, almost forgot, I did at least get the clip for the e-brake handle just in case I need one.
hope your gonna change those nasty axle bearing s and seals.
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LX Dave

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Jul 2, 2017
They look bad, but it's all new. That's just the fluid and some grease I smeared on the seal.

LX Dave

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Jul 2, 2017
The bias is basically like a stock 99-04. You need the Non-ABS one because it is the only one that doesn't have individual lines to each wheel. Think about it, you have 94-04 rear brakes and if you have the dual piston 99-04 front calipers, you essentially are 99-04 brakes on a fox.

I pulled the MC and Prop Valve from the same car and kept them connected. I also took the first 4-6" of the brake lines coming out of the prop valve so that I would have the correct fittings. I don't recall the flare required anymore, but basically I moved the stock fox fitting down the brake line enough to cut off the flare (1/4-3/8" of tubing), swap fittings and re-flare for the new prop valve. I did my change over with the engine out so access was not an issue. If you can't get the flare tool down to the lines, you may be able to undo and remove the line from the car and flare off the car, or remake new lines off car and install.

Took another look at mine and have now decided to just get the aftermarket proportioning valve. It's going to be too much of a pain getting the flaring tool in there or pulling the lines. This is good info if I ever decide to go that route sometime in the future or on another car.

LX Dave

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Jul 2, 2017
Decided it's time for an update for anyone that's wondering how things went.

Well, it's done and everything works good. Another thanks for all those helped me figure this all out.

I ended up pulling the brake cable bracket out of another car to weld in mine since '86 and older didn't have one.


Ended up using parking cables for a '95 V-6 car and the parking brake works great.

One problem was the first booster I got:

I fought with this for about an hour trying to get the brake lights working. Finally pulled the booster back out and noticed the hole is all worn out. Wasn't to happy about that. Took it back to O'reilly and had them order another (last one they could get). Second one worked out good.


And just for the heck of it, finished and pulled outside.

Think I'm going to switch to a set of Hawk pads up front, or something similar though. They do grab, just not quite as strong as I hoped. Currently have some Raybestos pads on.
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