Brake Upgrade Question

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by dsg02, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. I did a bunch of searching but didn't find this answer.

    I'm thinking about upgrading my front brakes - most likely stock rotor and 99+ PBR dual piston calibers. The other option is the cobra brakes with their larger rotors. Here's the question. Will the larger rotor fit my 95GT with the stock 16" wheels or does it have to have 17" ones?

  2. Anybody? I know plenty of people have done a cobra brake upgrade - anyone do it with 16" wheels?

  3. You can't do the Cobra brake upgrade with 16" wheels. Cobra brakes require a 17" wheel. The 99+ PBR brakes should work fine with 16" wheels.
  4. What Jake said, you'll need 17s or 18s for the cobra brakes
  5. Thanks. Guess I'll go with the PBR calipers then. Save myself a few dollars!
  6. dsg02,

    You'll also save yourself the expense of a new spare wheel/tire. The stock GT spare will NOT fit over the Cobra brakes either! Lots of people forget that when they do a Cobra brake upgrade on a GT.

    The 1999+ dual-piston aluminum PBR brakes will give you much better braking than your stock single piston cast iron units. Best money I ever spent on my car. Unless you plan on road racing your car, they are plenty of brake for a street car. You'll also shave about 12 pounds or so off the front of your car. That's unsprung weight, so you'll notice the front suspension handles better after the swap.

    Here's a great site with all the instructions and pics on how to do the swap.

    Good luck.
  7. Where can I pick of a set of these at and how much are they going to cost me?
  8. Check ebay for the 99+ GT PBR calipers.

    For the spare tire, you do not need a cobra unit. You can use your stock unit. If you get a flat in the front, you will have to change the spare to the rear tire first. Then swap the rear tire to the front. Works in a pinch and saves you a few bucks!
  9. Few people know that the 99+ pbr twin piston is a larger twin piston than the 94-98 cobra twin, so a better caliper over all just a little bit smaller of a rotor.
  10. I dont know if you would call it better. Yes the pistons are larger.

    But then why do the cobra brakes work better?

    you have to remember that brakes work on 2 principles -- leverage and friction.

    Thus the jump from 10.84" to a 13" rotor is where the improvement comes from. In fact the cobra pads only use about have the height of the rotor on contact.

    So yes there is improvement on the Cobra PBR design. Especially when used road racing as the pistons are VERY close together (same with the GT PBR) and the heat melts the dust boots. Thus we have calipers like the Brembos, Wilwoods, Alcons and Stoptechs for racing use.