1. So here's another brake thread but I have a different type of question. Naturally I want to do a 5 lug cobra upgrade but that would also involve me buying new rims. I want the Chicanes true forged rims 3500. That said my plan I stokers the rims I have until after paint (2 winters from now).

    That said I need to upgrade my brakes now so I was thinking new front calipers, 4 lug 31 spline rear disc conversion for the rear and 93 cobra master with proportioning valve. LMR has the rear disc conversion for 750. Has anyone done this if so how much did it improve. It sucks to spend the cash knowing its only short term, but it would suck more to smack up the car because I couldn't stop.

    If people have tried this with minimal results I will hold off. Input needed!!
  2. If you plan on going 5 lug in the somewhat near future then don't bother with a major brake upgrade right now. Just go with some better pads/rotors to get by until your 5 lug swap.
  3. I would hold off until you do the five. Its so worth it!
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  4. There is no way I'd waste my time with a 4 lug brake upgrade personally. There is even less of a chance that I would ever spend $3500 on a set of wheels for any vehicle, let alone a fox mustang that is barely worth $3500 with that set of wheels on the car!
  5. I would/did ( not Chicanes )
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  6. Wel I guess that's open to opinion, for what I have into my car I probably could have bought a new GT cash. It's not about money it's about restoring my car and seeing my vision through. Lets face it unless your buying a limited edition Saleen or Cobra R none of us are in this hobby to turn a profit. It's a labor of love.

    That said maybe ill swap out the original calipers and get some upgraded rotors and pads. I really don't want to spend the money only to go 5 lug.
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  7. I had your car on my work computer as a screen saver until I got my car back. Nice and clean
  8. Thanks, I get more compliments on the wheels than anything else.
  9. those wheels are beautiful, razor sharp and too the point not over the edge they fit the car very very well
  10. Thanks I thought the (fairly big) power would get the props and high fives... nope the wheels.
  11. You car as a package just works bro! plus the reef blue is :drool: and fairly big is being modest lol !
  12. I would not waste my money on a 4 lug brake kit, save your coin for a 5 lug conversion.
  13. "Where'd ya get those riiiiiims brah?"

    Are you talking about compliments from the Mustang crowd, or just in general?

    And to the OP, I say go for the wheels if that's what you want. It would be a relief to see them on something other than a terminator.
  14. I've had a bunch of brake setups on my car. SVO brakes, 73mm fronts, SN95 GT brakes, rear disk, Cobra disk, etc. Needless to say i've done a bunch.

    The only setup i've been really happy with was the 5-lug Cobra disk brake kit. The performance gain was incredible, but the 13" front brakes and 11.65" rear disks filled out the wheels nicely, which added a bonus for me. I spent $750 to do my conversion as well. Wish i saved all my money from the earlier swaps and just did the 5-lug cobra from the beginning.

    Every other setup I wanted to beleive my braking performance had increased, but the only setup that really impressed me was the Cobra brakes
  15. Keeping this in mind for when I finally do my 5-lug disk brakes
  16. Yeah wait until you can do the Cobra brakes. I went front 4 lug to 5 lug GT brakes and they were a marginal improvement. When I went with the Cobra's it was incredible. My 91 stops as good as my 12', and it still has the puny drums on the rear as well.
  17. If your looking in the right places you can get your whole 5 lug/rear disc setup for only a little bit more than the cost of upgraded rotors and pads. Look for a wrecked 94-95 V6 for the front setup and a 94-98 V6 for the rear disc stuff. Found my stuff for CHEAP. Then for another cheap upgrade to those, find some dual piston PBR front brakes off 99-04 mustangs (not entirely sure of those years, do some research). All you need to do is grind a bit off the spindle to make them work.

    Don't waste your money if you plan on upgrading in the future. Do it right the first time, it saves you TIME and MONEY! Ask me how I know.
  18. Cobra Brakes on mine too, stops incredible
  19. So who has bought the kit from LMR and for those who didn't where did you buy the new brake lines or did you modify the existing ones?
  20. Modified. It was easy

    94-95 rear SN95 soft lines (that mount to the axle)
    Weatherhead 7818 from NAPA
    Slight rebending of the original drum brake line

    Less than $30 in parts or so.