Brake upgrades for original 4cyl fox

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  1. The car already has '95 Cobra R rims on it (4 lug) and I'm trying to decide if I want to go the cheap way or not. Could do the 5-lug conversion and run different rims or be cheap and upgrade brakes and keep my 4-lug. Do I still have to swap spindles or the 4cyl the same as the LX5.0/GT/Cobra???

    Appreciate the help!

    Need some stopping power before I throw on a blower! Why I was thinking the cheap route might be better!
  2. You could upgrade to the 87-94 front brakes, however you'd need new spindles, rotors, calipers and brake lines from the 5.0...and possibly new struts.

    It would be an upgrade, but not really a significant one. A 5-lug conversion and 13" or 99+ GT dual piston brakes would be a better upgrade