Brake Upgrades

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  1. i have an 84 mustang and the brakes feel like :poo: i cant barely get it to stop to get off the track its sometimes scaring to stop. so is there any decent upgrades for the brakes and keep it 4 lug
  2. The 79-86 mustang brakes are terrible. Even worse than 87-up cars. There really isn't a cheap way to do upgrade them. The cheapest is to find some 87up front spindles and upgrade to some power slot rotors,hawk pads,etc. for the rear you can try to find some late 80's ford thunderbird turb coupe rear disc setup or even rarer SVO disc brake package. Best way is to change to 5 lug. There just aren't any "good","cheap" 4 lug options. There are a few aftermarket rear disc brake options also(SSBC,Baer) but they are costly 600$-800+$ for the rear alone.
  3. yea i was reading about people upgrading there 87 and up 4 lug, but nothing for 79-86. i would like to keep it 4 lug just because i have a set of center line scorpion wheels for street tires and a set of weld skinny and fats for the track and that's like 2500 in wheel and tires. so if i go with 87 and up spindles do i have to get the 87 up a arms too. i can then run 11 in. rotors right?
  4. Just as @A5literMan said, pick up a set of junkyard 87up 5.0 spindles and use power lot rotors and a good hawk pad. The factory drums should be fine so long as they are adjusted and working properly. This setup has been good enough to stop my buddies car from 150 mph+ and some bottom 9 second 1/4 mile times.
  5. so i can use my a arm then to
  6. Yes, your a arms will work fine.
  7. Sounds like you have more than inadequate brakes. SOunds like a mechanical issue with your brakes that should be addressed first.

    A brake upgrade is nice, but it would be beneficial to have your current system operating 100% before upgrade.
  8. i was reading pll doing the 85 lincoln masters and its like 1 in bore is that worth doing with the 87 brakes
  9. Master Cylinder has to match the brakes. You don't "upgrade" a master cylinder, you choose one that best matches the brake system on the car in terms of number of pistons and caliper piston diameter.

    Putting a 1" bore MC on the car without any changes will give you a VERY stiff pedal.
  10. my brakes are just fine for street just has a hard time stopping at high speeds just put both new wheel cylinders in and adjusted the rears the front pad are about a year old
  11. Hoe much money do you want to spend. There are a few different options to upgrades. You can do an 87-93 front setup, or a full blown SN95 cobra 5-lug setup?
  12. i want to keep it 4 lug so im goin to pick up 87 and up spindles but wat esle do i need they were telling me to go with hawk pads, but do i use factory calipers from 87 and up or is there a daul piston or bigger single piston i should use
  13. Stick with the 87 up factory caliper IMHO.
  14. so basically just get all factory 87 up spindles calipers rotors and hawk pads and i should be good don't worry about upgrading caliper or master
  15. Exactly!
  16. Aren't the early spindles used for 4 cyl brakes in later models?
  17. Stainless steel brake lines, and steel caliper sleeves will also work well with a stock braking system.
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  18. 4cyl and 5.0 spindles are different in fact. The strut mounting portion is a different width from 4cyl to 5.0. @foureyefox347 you want the 5.0 spindles
  19. Spindles, dust shields, bearings, rotor seal, rotors, calipers, pads, brake lines, and the booster must be changed.

    The pre-87 used a single diaprhagm booster that was retained in the 87-93 4-banger. The 87-93 4-cyl pretty much wears pre-87 brakes on it. The 87=93 v8 mustang used a dual diaphram booster.

    MC is the same, the calipers are both 60mm but you will need the V8 87+ caliper as the older ones are not compatible with the larger rotor and different spindles.

    And after all that work, you've gone from 10" rotors, to 10.9" rotors, with basically the same caliper. Don't expect earth shattering performance. If you really want solid brakes, you'll need to add rear disk brakes, or better yet, upgrade to a modern 94+ brake system.
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  20. You're best bet is 1994+ brakes. You can stick with the GT specifications to keep it cheaper!