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  1. Just spent all day putting new wheel cylinders, brake shoes, and drums on this weekend... found out that since i bought that car (about a year) the Parking brake has been engaged constinatly.... Yeh, found out the hard way.... DOH!!! :notnice: :bang:
  2. :doh: well atleast you know it works...NOT :doh:
  3. Auch,
    anyway, learning the hard way always pays off ? :shrug:

    Didn't you smell the burning brake pads ?
  4. no, nothing really gave any clue to it, could of probably been before i bought the car
  5. How was it engaged? If the brake lever was constantly up and the dash light always on that should of given you a clue. :p
  6. No brake light was on, and the lever wasn't engaged, somehow it was stuck though
  7. Hey, I just did mine too. Same problem with the parking brake, no wonder I had so much peddle! Much nicer now though.
  8. Wow, and i thought it was just me who had this problem :shrug:

  9. The shoes in the back could have been adjusted too tight.