1. Ok has anyone seen this done before? Doesn't seem to safe to me! I have the Granada spindles I understand but to have the brake lines like this makes no sense! image.jpg image.jpg
  2. It looks like they took the drum brake line and bolted the disk brake line to it:rlaugh:
    I think i would get some Wilwood braided lines and replace that concoction .:nonono:
  3. Ok so I can get wilwood to make me a line to go from the drum line fitting to the disc caliper? And how long would the line need to be?
  4. they have lines already made .I think i still have the part number ,i will see if i still have it. What does the fitting where it attaches to the caliper look like ? is it a loop with a bolt through ?
  5. I can't find my papers on my Wilwood hoses, i must have tossed them.
  6. image.jpg This is what I have where it screws straight into the caliper
  7. I haven't called yet to see if they'll sell individual parts from their kits, But, CSRP has hard lines already made for this swap.
  8. I looked at their website last night and it seems that you can order parts individually and i seen the flexibe brake line on there, thanks for the input, i will try and call them next and see about getting a set for my car.
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  9. Mustangs Plus has hard adapter lines for Granada brakes.