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Aug 3, 2003
Washington State
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Have not but can observe a couple of things.

1) They have some black plating. This will wear off rapidly under normal braking.

2) The slots are of a design I have never seen and don't even look like they'd do the job. Slots are supposed to wipe themselves clean of brake residue, but these go both ways! One way or the other might actually tend to fill up the slot! I'd go with slots that LOOK like normal slotted brakes. Normal slots are diagonal down the rotor.

Whatever you do, avoid cross drilled brakes like the plague unless you just drag race. If you go on a road course, most of the cross drilled hole brake rotors will crack ... EVERY time if you are braking with any force at most turns. Cross drilled brakes are fine for the street and for drag racing where you use them hard infrequently. Just not very good for metal brakes on a road course. Some exotics have them, but they are NOT run-of-the-mill cross drills ... they are hardened to withstand high heat, and they aren't cheap!

No road course time? Then the cross drills are OK. Lots of people like the way they look. On the street is fine.