My Mach1

New Member
Jun 9, 2017
New Jersey
I’m installing all new stainless brake lines in my 1969 Mach1 mustang
Now I want to install a adjustable proportioning valve
I have all disc brakes
My question is
The adjustable proportioning valve lnlet goes to the master back brake reservoir and the outlet goes to the back brake line
The master cylinder front brake line goes to the distribution block inlet and the drivers and passenger lines go in the 2 ports in the front of the distribution block
Is this correct so far?
So my question is do I just plug up the 2 remaining ports left over in the distribution block?
How does this work for the front brakes being the distribution block is supposed to be for front and back brakes?
The proportioning valve controls the rear brake pressure
Please respond
I also have a New painless wire harness and do not have a pigtail for the distribution block pressure switch , where do I find a pigtail to purchase and where do I connect it?
Thanking anyone in advance for their answer
Greatly appreciated
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