Brand new 09 Mustang smoking

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  1. If you are that concerned about it than delete the PCV system. Run vents on both valve covers that vent to the atmosphere, no catch can.
  2. Then you're polluting and won't pass a visual emissions inspection. However, you would be keeping the crankcase's oily vapor out of the intake stream, thus reducing/eliminating that vile blue smoke that the OP is concerned about.
  3. I don't have to worry about that kind of stuff in Florida. If you did live in a state that you did have to worry, how hard would it be to switch the tube back on? Not hard at all. So that's an option, too.
  4. Update on my GT

    It's been a whlie since I posted, and I didn't know that follow up posts were being made. I was getting email alerts but have not received any for a long time, so I just figured the subject was dead.

    To recap, briefly, we bought a 2009 GT early in the year and at 800 miles I noticed it smoking. I checked the oil and it was 1/2 quart low. I took it back to the dealership and they told me it was normal and was related to my drive pattern of not letting the car warm up fully before shutting it off.

    We are in a pretty remote location and there is nowhere that we can drive that the car does not fully warm up, and Ford specifically stated that the blue smoke was normal WITHOUT associated oil consumption. None of this mattered. They told me to come back at 3000 miles.

    Our car now has about 11,000 miles and when we went in for the latest oil change it was a full quart low. Ford changed the oil and told me to come back every 1000 miles so they can check the oil level. I only have about 500 miles since that oil change, and I checked the oil myself and it is already 3/4 of a quart low.

    The blue smoke continues, normally if the car has set for a day or two. It might be doing it every time but it is very prominant if it sits for a while.

    I know certain people on here think that this is very normal and I shouldn't worry about it, and other have suggested making mechanical changes -- something I couldn't do even if I wanted to. As far as I know, these changes would also void the warranty, for what little good it has done me so far.

    To comment on some posts about the dealership -- I am in a pretty remote part of Missouri, but only a few miles from a large military installation. The Ford dealership that we bought our car is not hurting for business or for warranty work. They stay very busy because of the military personell.

    The last time I went in (a few weeks ago) I asked to speak to the dealership owner, who was not in. I talked to the sales manager who "promised" me the situation would be resolved. They took the car in and changed the oil and want me to come back at 1000 miles. He said that he would work on scheduling a Ford factory technician training, apparently when factory technicians visit dealerships to help tackle their more complicated cases. So, once again, I am hoping this will be resolved but it will likely be a few weeks before I reach the 1000 mile mark.

    I'll update you when I know more.
  5. Sounds to me like you definitely have a problem. I would also call the Ford hotline and ask that you be contacted by a District Rep so you make sure others besides your dealer are aware of this.

    I would follow the steps below, plus write a letter to be sure it gets noticed ..

    If you have questions or concerns about your vehicle, we suggest you follow these steps:
    1.Contact your Sales Representative or Service Advisor at your selling/servicing dealership.
    2.If the inquiry or concern remains unresolved, contact the Sales Manager or Service Manager at the dealership.
    3.If the inquiry or concern cannot be resolved at the dealership level, please contact us, below.
    Telephone and Mailing Address
    If you have questions or comments about Ford Motor Company, please contact us by phone or mail.

    United States
    800-232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)

    Available 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Local Time Monday-Friday
    Mailing Address
    Ford Motor Company
    Customer Relationship Center
    P.O. Box 6248
    Dearborn, MI 48126
  6. Burning that much oil in 500 miles is not normal and I would definitely go over the dealerships head on this one.
  7. As I've stated before, that is not normal. My car does not burn any oil, and I surely put it through the paces. Best of luck. Sounds like you may be on the right track.
  8. Hi Saleen, thanks for all of your help in this.

    These are the 3 things that I did initially. When I called Ford, the woman I spoke to was nothing short of rude and condescending. I told her what was going on and she said "So what would you like for me to do for you?" I said I wanted my car fixed and she said she wasn't a mechanic and only a Ford certified mechanic could do that. I told her I already went through that and they say it is normal. She said, "Tell me how I can resolve this issue for your today." (Too bad I can't capture her tone of voice) She eventually tells me if I'm not happy with my dealership, I could go to another one, which is what I did...and I was told the same thing by them.

    I should add an element that I have left out, simply because I didn't want any pity responses. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer last August. He was not given very long to live and in December he was approved for early payout on his life insurance policy, and he started his "bucket list." The Mustang was part of that list, he always wanted a new 'Stang and I saw no reason at all why he shouldn't have one.

    I am normally a fighter, but all of my fight goes to caring for him. The dealership knew all of this when we bought the Mustang and they know that I can't just drop by for an oil check on a whim. When he was still well enough, we did a lot of traveling and the oil change came due while out of state. We didn't use Ford dealers, but did use the suggested oil/filter.

    That's the only reason we have 11K on it now because normally I only put about 50 miles a week. I'm doing things I would never do to try to get the miles up to 1000, because otherwise it would take several months to get there and I don't want this to drag on any further. But I simply can't travel far from home or leave him for very long.

    I'm determined to get this resolved and most certainly I KNOW that this is not normal.

    A few things I have noticed -- The primary oil loss is within the first few hundred miles after an oil change, after that, it doesn't seem to lose oil, at least not much. The other thing is that the oil appears "dirty" before oil changes. I brought this up to the sales manager and he said that it was normal...synthetic oil cleans so it picks up dirt/grime. That doesn't sound right to me, at least not on a car with 11K miles on it.
  9. Get yourself a big ass sign that say's Ford wont honor there warranty and stand at the entrance to their lot I bet you get helped then. Hell I'd come out and do it for you if you lived close enough. I bet you get some attention then. It is sad that you are having so much trouble. And to think before this I thought it was just Pontiac dealer's that treated their customer's like this.
  10. The other option you have if you can afford to is take it to another mech. not Ford. I know it's not under warranty but at least you could get there opinion.
  11. So funny you should say that, as I have thought of getting magnetic lemon cut-outs to put all over the car (the car is white, so it would surely be pretty enough with all the lemons on it). 99% of my driving is on the military base, and 99% of the dealerships profits are from the military base. Not only is my husband retired Army, his cancer was rated as 100% service connected from his assignment in the first Gulf War and being in the midst of the oil fires.

    I'd love to put up a website with all the details and a magnet with a link to the website, but I really hate playing the sympathy card and in my heart of hearts, I really feel like the dealership wants to do what is right. I'm giving them this one last chance.
  12. Well goodluck on whatever you decide.
  13. I like Mean Mike's idea of taking it to another mechanic to see whats wrong with it. Get it in writing and take it to the ford dealership and show them the paperwork with what is wrong with the car.

    Ford knows that this is an expensive fix and they don't want to pay for it. They are waiting for the warranty to expire than when you take it in to ford thet will tell you exactly what is wrong with the car and you will have to pay $5000 to get it fixed.

    Have Ford fix it now while its still there problem before it becomes your problem!
  14. The next time you talk to them mention contacting the BetterBusinessBuerau. This usually will get things moving in the direction you want. I know it has worked on shadey used cars, and it should def. work on a legit new car problem that they are not willing to work with. Just a thought.
  15. Oil Consumption

    I bought a new '09 Mustang GT a few months ago, and when I took it in for its first oil change, they told me that mine was 1/2 quart low also. I have never noticed any blue smoke on start ups. I'll watch mine a bit closer today when I go to work.
  16. I had considered this, but it isn't like someone can just open the hood and find the problem, and my understanding is that work by anything other than a Ford certified technician will void the warranty.
  17. Wrong, under the Magnussen-Moss act of 1975 it states that dealers CANNOT negate warranty due to work performed at service shops other than the dealer. As long as there is documented proof of the work they cannot deny a warranty claim.
  18. And my 2 cents worth:

    the amount of oil consumtion you state is extreme even for an old high mileage engine. Sounds like leaking valve seals or cracked rings to me. I have a 1990 ford Bronco with 302 that leaks oil out both main seals, valve covers, has some blow by and of course burns some and I dont use anywhere near that much oil even driving down the highway at 80mph. My 07 Mustang uses no oil and I have not been easy on it and 95% of its use is short run - less than 10 miles round trip.

    everyone who hasnt had to deal with an automotive nightmare talks about lemon laws but they are a last resort - in my state you must bring the car in for the same repair 5 times without a resolution to even go that route and then its just an arbitration with the dealer for a resolution.

    I know from taking my 07 to the dealer under full warranty with the TSB in my hand for leak problem that they will keep making stuff up and refuse to fix a problem if it doesn't amount to just replacing a part. They flat out told me they don't feel its worth their time to do warranty work because Ford doesn't reimburse them enough. My guess is its the same for most dealers.

    I say contact Ford directly either via their website or your regional manager and politely and calmly explain the situation and cooly demand the problem be fixed or you will contact a lawyer and all of your local news consumers affairs people to make the problem public along with bad publicity for the dealer and Ford. Maybe that will help.