Brand new '13 GTs for $25k...

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  1. Royal Oak Ford on Woodward Avenue in Detroit--I've watched this dealer over the past year, they bar none have the cheapest cars out there. Base, no option '13 GTs are currently going for a mere $26,2XX with autos, and they have a manual one going for a paltry $25,5XX.

    These cars are brand new. It says on the site that that includes all rebates etc., but I'm pretty sure if you called them up and told them you didn't qualify for all the rebates but wanted it at the advertised price, they would probably be hard pressed to turn down a Mustang sale in December in the rust belt.

    FWIW I am in no way affiliated with this place, I just thought I'd throw it out there for others since I keep telling myself I really can't afford a new GT and then keep being reminded of places like this where I could.

    If they would give you the car for that advertised price, that is a freaking insane deal.
  2. Woodward, FTW.
  3. Very nice price! Thanks for letting us know!