Brand new actuator problems


May 28, 2019
Hey guys I bought 3 actuators from summit and not a single one works properly. The unlock and lock switch works however i cannot get the door to unlock via the lock rod nor will the key turn due to heavy resistance from the actuator. I found that they work just fine and smooth as butter when I take the actuator out. But can only be licked and unlocked through the switch on the door whenever they are back in the car. Anyone have any suggestions on why all of these actuators are so stiff?
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May 17, 2018
Enterprise AL
Just out of curiosity, have you hooked up the actuator to the wiring without them being installed in the door and then hit the lock/unlock button just to make sure they are functioning properly? I remember when I was working on mine they were very stiff and hard to just try to work them by hand, but when you put power to them they worked fine.


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Mar 10, 2000
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@jrichker has a writeup on a low buck fix for the actuator issue.
could not find it in the tech/how to thread.
Follow this link to fix your door lock actuator problems

You will need the Adobe Acrobat viewer which is also a free download –

Stuck with door lock actuators that don't work and don't want to pay the $50+ for a new one? Tried the junkyard ones and found that they last six months and freeze up?

A new actuator for less than $8. Fix one side for $20, do both sides for only $28. I don't sell parts, I don’t make any money off of the upgrade, I just tell you how to do it cheaply and easily.

By the way, I am still using the same $4 actuators I bought in 2002 and this is the second Mustang I have installed them in! Beat that with your fancy replacements!
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