Brand new long tubes and BBK X Pipe

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  1. Name: Ben Davis
    Location (Dayton, Ohio):
    Items being sold: 96-04 GT Long tubes, and 99-04 GT BBK off road x pipe (has been used), BBK O2 extentions
    Price: 450 for Headers with 02 extentions, 100 for BKK x pipe

    The long tubes are brand new, never been used, they are tripple polished stainless steel. They have 3/8 machined flanges, with 1 5/8 primaries and then a 3 in collector, i bought these from a guy and he said he worked for the company (dyno Pro) which is the brand of the headers. I know this is not some huge company but the design of these headers are identicle to the Pypes headers design, the welds are even in the same place. But i cannot stress enough how good these things look.

    As for the X pipe its just a shorty BBK x pipe i got to go with it (has been used). Im starting college in the fall and i dont really have the money to put thses on so that is the reason im selling. thanks for your interest.
  2. are you be interested in trading the o/r x-pipe for some used 4.10's? I believe they are worth about the same amount of $.
  3. probably not... sorry
  4. Still for sale guys!! Have a box and ready to ship!! Shoot me offers....
  5. Willing to deal guys!! hit me up, I move into college the 19th and i need these gone before then!!
    All offers considered at this point!!
  6. 350 shipped for the headers?
  7. x pipe

    do you still have this?w3hat was it for? fox body or 1995?
  8. you still interested? id like to sell both as a package...
  9. Hoping you still have them, I am in need of some long tubes/ O2 extensions...
  10. Whats bottom dollar on both with shipping?
  11. all 3 items i meant
  12. Everything still for sale...
  13. Can anyone follow through with anything! Come on guys i need to sell these things. MOTIVATED SELLER!
  14. Sold Sold sold
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