Breaking: Ford Mustang Legend Carroll Shelby Dies

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    If you haven’t caught it yet on social media outlets, we’re here to share some sad news in the Ford Mustang world, everyone. As the headline states, we’ve lost Carroll Shelby from this land and he’s no doubt headed to the 1320′ strip in the clouds for the hereafter. Shelby passed away at age 89 yesterday, at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. As of this point, we know he was not doing well health-wise, but the official terminal cause has not been released.
    The automotive magnate of all things Mustang, and other Detroit muscle, will be sorely missed as one of the legends…one of the greats…one who shaped the automotive industry AND aftermarket then, now, and the future.
    Hats off from StangNet, Carroll Shelby. Your presence will be sorely missed by many.
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