Breather Tube On Oil Fill Cap

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  1. I am replacing the valve covers on a 91 5.0 and need to know if I need to have the small breather hose from the oil cap neck to the throttle body, or if I can put a solid cap on and plug the fitting on the T/B.
  2. whats the rest of your combo? If mostly stock and bolt ons, leave the tube intact with oil fill cap as designed by Ford. Your engine will thank you
  3. The engine is all stock except the valve covers. I am putting Ford Racing Boss 302 valve covers on and the holes in the covers are in different locations than stock.
    The front hole is on the drivers side now and partially under the intake making it neceassry to use a very small low profile oil fill cap. The hole on the passenger side is now at the rear of the engine mostly under the throttle cable bracket and virtualy unusable and I will have to put a plug in that hole that is completely flat.

    So, I guess what I need to know is what is the hose for, and can it come from anywhere in either valvecover??
  4. Send em back :shrug:
  5. Cant, won them at a car show. If I can get a fitting in the hole at the rear and run the hose to the T/B, would it be the same thing???
  6. sure would
  7. You won carbed valve covers. Sell me and buy efi ones

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  8. I have everything back together now. I found a flat rubber plug and put an offset hole in it to put a barbed fitting for a new piece of hose to the T/B.
    The worst part about it is it will now be an act of congress to change the oil because of the oil fill cap being partly under the intake on the drivers side.
    If I get a chance, I'll take a few pics.
  9. I agree with previous posters.
    You have a set of covers for a carbureted engine, and you will make things hard on yourself and your engine by trying to use them on EFI.

    Sell them and buy a set of covers for EFI use.

    You said yourself that you are going to have trouble filling the oil.
    The hose to the intake plumbing from the cover is there to allow the PCV valve to evacuate pressure/fumes from the engine case without taking in unmetered air and acting like a vacuum leak. You can add this feature to your carb'd covers, but make sure to add enough space below the port, and/or baffles, so that it does not suck too much oil into your intake.
  10. i'm surprised you don't have any rocker arm interference. As pointed out, sell them and install the proper covers.
  11. Why would I have rocker arm interference? Have you seen how tall these things are??:)
  12. You shouldn't have interference unless they have some crazy baffles on them

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  13. ^^^^Yup, no doubt!!!!!