Brembo brake package wheel and brake question

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  1. Does anyone know for a fact that 18's will or will not clear brembo brakes on the 2011-12 GT's? If not what is all needed to swap back the brembo's to GT calipers? Is it just the caliper and mounts or the lines too?
  2. GT calipers, mounts and lines are needed
  3. Brembo's are just eye candy for street driving. Save your money.
  4. Actually, there is a noticable improvement in braking with Brembos
  5. $2,000 worth?
  6. If it stops you from rear ending someone or hitting something..................priceless!
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  7. why not keep 19?
  8. The Brembo package actually includes over the stock GT, a different suspension tune, stability control calibration, 19" Brembo specific wheels, as well as the brakes themselves for $1695.00. Mine also came with Goodyear F1 supercar tires. Worth the money to me? You bet! Eye candy, not hardly.
    Found this more complete list from a poster on another thread:
    The Brembo package includes the following:
    • Front: 14" Brembo® Vented Rotors with Brembo® 4-Piston Calipers
    • 19 x 9.0-inch dark-stainless premium painted aluminum wheels
    • 255/40R19 Pirelli PZero Summer-Only (Coupe) or P255/40ZR19 Goodyear F1 Supercar (Convertible)
    • Different Springs (131lbs Front / 167lbs Rear)
    • Different Struts/ Shocks (tuned for spring rates)
    • GT-500 Rear Lower Control Arms ( Higher Durometer Rubber)
    • Unique Electronic Stability Control® (ESC) Tuning
    • Unique Sport Steering Control Setting (EPAS)
    • Tire Mobility Kit Replaces Spare Tire
  9. Ford Customer Service also informed me that some of the other offered 19" wheels won't clear Brembos the nickle luster wheels for example.
  10. I still stand by my original quote. In terms of performance the value of these items on the street is academic. I would say if you drive aggressive enough to realize the potential of these upgrades on the street you will become very familar with the local constabulary very quickly.
  11. A nearly 4000 lb car with over 430 ft/lb of torque can always use some additional stopping power over stock. Especially when cruising on the highway and the idiot (that doesn't believe in mirrors) next to you makes the decision to snap turn into your lane across your nose.

    The extra weight over the front wheels on a positive displacement F/I car can also affect the stock brake effectiveness. Theres a reason why the GT500's come with them.

    Are Brembo's absolutely necessary? No, but sometimes they are good to have.
  12. What car are you talking about that weighs almost nearly 4,000lbs and has 430 ft/lb of tq? It's certainly not a stock Mustang GT.

    And am I willing to spend $1,700 on what may be a once in a lifetime occurance on the road?
    The answer is no, but that's just me.

    But if I were going to seriously upgrade the hp/tq of the engine, then yes, I can see the value in the brembo package at that point.
  13. I ordered the Brembo package because I plan to do some weekend autocrossing. I figured the suspension and brake upgrades would give me a good starting point without having to do a lot of aftermarket parts shopping and swapping to get started.
    "To each his own"... that's why they make it an option.
  14. I'm certainly all for the brembos! Maybe there is a place where no one ever makes mistakes while driving but I've had enough close calls from other drivers that extra braking power gives me peace of mind. If it keeps you out of an accident just once, it's money well spent imo! That isn't even addressing the "spirited" driving that may occur from time to time in stock 412hp/390tq (advertised premium fuel) Mustang GT. If you've modded it to get more HP/TQ, then you're probably doing more "spirited" driving which might require a little more braking?:shrug:
  15. Maybe bec I'm older now and my 2010 GT is the first I've owned with an auto trans...but the standard braking system is not as good as I had on my older GTs. It works ok - just not as well.

    My adult son, who had a GT and a Cobra (plus M3, 335i twin turbo, upcoming new 650 etc) has been driving my GT for the last few days and agrees 100% that the brakes aren't performing as well as expected. I've installed Hawk HPS pads front and rear (even tried Hawk HP+ pads - now THAT was a dumb, screaming disaster!), had the rotors resurfaced, bled the lines, bedded the new pads as instructed, etc. - all to no avail.

    As said, with 8500 miles on it, the car stops - just a bit later than I expect and with more effort than I expect. I wonder if the brake proportioning valve is different in the newer GTs than before...?

    Anyway, I just upgraded the OEM 19" premium rims/tires to a set of take-off 19" Brembo's and Pirellis in preparation for installing the Ford Racing M2300-S Kit. The new rims cost me about $400 installed after I sold the old set on craigslist.

    The FRPP M2300-S kit can be had for approximately $1200 delivered; I don't screw with doing brake work myself so that will cost another $200 or so.

    Really hope this project works as expected bec otherwise I love my 2010!
  16. According to Motor Trend comparison between 2011 BMW M3 and 2011 Mustang GT w/ Brembo Pkg. The mustang's stopping distance from 60 mph was 2 feet shorter than the M3. If you like Beemer brakes you should be happy with the Brembos on your Mustang.
    Good luck and tell us the results!
  17. I got the Brembo package not so much for any added performance, but because the Brembo wheels where the only wheel design I really liked. Improved brake pedal feel, somewhat improved steering feel and chassis tidiness is worth something too, even if you never push the car to its limit.