Brembo brakes worth it?

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  1. So, I am going to order a 2011 GT Premium. Is the Brembo Brake package worth getting if I am not going to drive the car on the track? I live near the Oregon Coast wherethere are plenty of corners and turns...i am just wondering if it needed.
  2. Your car will handle just fine with the stock brakes. Your current brakes will invoke your ABS. The bigger brakes will allow you to stop over and over again without going into brake fad, such as you would at a track.
  3. The way I see it you can never have enough brakes. Look at your location, turns, and hills you want the stopping power trust me the stock brakes aren't all that.
  4. If you're going to be financing the car already, what's another $30/month? The Brembo's are superior in stopping power, fade resistance and feel to the stock brakes....and they just look damn cool peeking out from behind the wheel.

    I say....why sell yourself short if you don't have to.
  5. The OE Brembo upgrade is far from a track system. But it is one heck of a lot better than the OE standard sliders. If you will never track the car, go for it. If you might someday, stash the cash and invest in a more serious upgrade later.
  6. I have the Brembo's on my 2000GT and the difference was night and day, even on the track. Keep in mind these are similiar to the brakes on the 2000GT and that bad boy was built to race.
  7. I am never going to see the track, but it will be nice to have better brakes for the coastal roads.

    Gonna go for it.
  8. Wise move. You also get 19" tires and wheels and stickier tires. My car is similarly equipped.

  9. Yeah the Brembo package is more than just brakes!
  10. I got them on mine and don't regret it one bit. Look under the post about the gears and you can see why I picked the Brembo's on mine too. Aside from the brakes, you also get the 19x9's, sticky Pirellis and a nice strut tower brace.

    Get it!

  11. To play devils advocate here...Those tires run about 400 bucks a piece on the brembo 19" while the other 19" options run about 160 bucks a piece. Thanks to the bigger caliper you are limited on the options for aftermarket wheels. I decided to forgo the brembos and will do some aftermarket upgrades. All 19" rim options come with the strut tower brace.
  12. i love mine. love them. brembos that is.
  13. From what I understand for $1625 you get Brembo 14" front brake kit, rear performance pads 19" rims with Pirelli max performance summer tires. Can't go wrong with that.
  14. Don't you also get some kind of reprograming to the traction control system??

    If so what all does it do different?
  15. I would also imagine that if there were a top speed limiter for the Automatic cars, it would be raised, or eliminated thanks to the higher rated tires?
  16. Not to mention the electronically tuned suspension upgrade with the Brembo brake package. Personally, I can't see buying a new 5.0 without it! You might as well buy a V6!

    FR 14" Brembo rotors & 4-piston calipers; RR 2-piston calipers; Unique ESC tuning; Front and rear alloy wheels with 19 inch rim diam and 9.0 inch rim width; Front and rear conventional tires with 255 mm tire width and 40% tire profile; Tire kit.
  17. yeah i'd rather have the brembos with no track pack. springs are cheap, brembos cost dollars and those wheels are sick.
  18. I just test drove an '11 GT with the Brembo package & I'd have to say that, "Yes", they are worth it. The stopping power is astounding & those 19'' rims are sweet!