Brenspeed Tune, Failed PA Emissions Testing... help!

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  1. Just an FYI before I got my O/R H-Pipe and talked to Doug at Bamachips he said that they turn off the rear O2 sensors with all their tunes. The only thing that it would hurt if you have cats is if one of them would go bad, then you wouldn't know about it that is all. The front O2 sensors are what measure the exhaust from the engine that goes back to the PCM as has been stated many times above.

    I would have to say if these guys are doing this, then they might know what they are doing.
  2. Well you turn off rear 02s when you remove cats, or install highflow cats. If you are still running a cat and it clogs, you will not know other than your car bogging. I am sure they turn it off as statndard practice just to avoid customers calling in saying that their car keeps throwing a check engine light. It's a code that gets triggered all the time that is annoying and causes customers to freak out because they have no idea how an ECU works and they think it is your fault.

    People freak out about every little thing, so you have to anticipate for it to alleviate the headaches.
  3. My issue with this is the fact that I have zero modifications to my exhaust beyond a pair of mufflers... and I have no plans for a cat-less anything, so why would they shut off my rear O2 sensors? All it's done is created a headache for me passing this emissions test.

    If I wanted headaches with emissions I wouldn't be keeping my exhaust so close to stock.
  4. When i ordered my tune i told Brenspeed i needed to pass emmissions.
    Brent told me just to mention it when you order the tune and all will be fine.
    I did so i hope when its time i pass.
  5. How come tons of other people have never had a problem with this? Even those that run O/R pipes pass (even though they shouldn't).
  6. Because they probably live in areas that don't do emissions testing via the OBDII port. It used to be relatively easy to get by with O/R pipes in the Houston area but not since they started emissions testing.
  7. In Texas I've seen a couple of cars emission tested that passed with offroad pipes and MIL's. They hooked up the computer and said if there were no codes and no interrupted cycles then you pass.

    I took my wife's car in for testing after the convertor was replaced aqnd the computer reset. They told me to drive it for a week like she normally would so that it would have enough start/stop cycles to clear out everything and pass.
  8. glad brenspeed could help.....thank goodness i live in georgia
  9. Sorry for the delay, my car passed when I took it back in: no issues.

    Testing through the OBD port is BS though... just sniff my freakin exhaust and if it's within the legal range on all the chemicals/gases/etc.. then let me be on my way. Sheesh.
  10. I live in Georgia and need to pass the emissions via the OBD port. Here in Cobb county or any of the counties near the city you have the same issues. One more reason I want to move farther from the city. Been waiting on LT headers and the off road pipe until I get to a more emissions friendly county :)

  11. The OBD2 port is much more effective. The car already has a sensor in place to sniff the exhaust, why not utilize that one? And the idle sniff tests are useless, a cammed big block with open headers and a 1050 dominator can pass that test if it idles lean enough. The only effective way to do it is with a dyno test to simulate road driving loads. That type of test is very expensive, so it makes more sense to just use the factory implemented emmisions monitors that work while you are driving around. Plus, it's faster for you.

    ANother atvanage to you is that it is easier to get away with stuff when they test this way, as long as the car says you're good, you pass. So for example, in IL you can have one monitor not ready. My girlfriends truck has a bad cat, and she couldn't afford to fix it. I reset the MIL, then drove around with a scantool hooked up and watched the various IM monitors become ready, and once they all set ready except the catalyst monitor, I went straight to the test lane. They plugged in and I passed with flying colors. The MIL came back on within 1 mile of leaving. ANother example. My brother's LS1 Camaro has headers with an offroad Y-pipe, an LS6 intake, aftermarket MAF, and various other bolt ons. It made (if I remember correctly) 368 horsepower at the wheels. He passed IL emmisions without a hickup.
  12. Same thing happened to me. I ordered a tune for my new air cleaner and told them it must be emissions legal. I repeatedly failed till I paid for diagnostics to find out it was turned off.

    Brenspeed did confirm that the rear o2's were turned off and for a "$10 fee" they would turn them back on, even though I did ask for a fully emissions legal tune. They said they were turned off unless the customer specifically asks for them to be turned on...but doesn't fully emissions legal mean they need to be on in the first place?

    -1 for Brenspeed on this one