Bring your 03 Cobra to get whooped by..... (PICS)

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by WildBill WS6, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. I love firebirds and cobras just the same....

    they're both delicious :D
  2. Damn that thing is UGLY!!!
  3. I like Firebirds....There good to eat.
  4. cool

    I love the fron end of that car! Looks plain mean man...awesome...

    Id still kick your asssss :owned:

    but it does look real nice.....too bad they dont make them anymore hahahah

    at least its not an IMP dohhhhhh

    SERIOUSLY.... hehehe thats an awesome looking car...and some good photography....I didnt look at where your from but if you're ever at etown look for the yellow 03 cobra:flag:
  5. wow...some cocky E cool that must feel.
  6. not bad for your 2nd whole post. what did you expect on a mustang site with a 03 cobra call out by a f-bod?
  7. [​IMG]

  8. Everyone is getting too worked up over this. The thread is meant to be a joke and WildBill WS6 came to the site because he was interested in getting a 03 cobra. On a side note if he did put a nitrous kit on his WS6 he would be showing many of the mustangs here his tail lights.
  9. Hs



    you must not of noticed you are in a MUSTANG SITE... and not everyones being serious here....They are giving the kind of repsonses one would expect in a MUSTANG SITE!!!!

    sooo GET A SENSE OF HUMOR.....or better yet..... LEAVE dohhhhhhh THAT WAS A JOKE before you flip....

    GO BUY A MUSTANG....then come call us names....

    :rlaugh: :owned:

    I love that car....hope the guy doesnt trade it in. He should keep it and buy the CObra...keep the GM as a show car and race the stang!
  10. one more thing

    I LOVE those radio controls on the steering wheel....MAN do I miss that...

    I had a nice Grand Prix before my first stang (a V6 VERT) and I missed both the radios controls and the power of the Pontiac!

    I just went out to look at the GTO....I like it, but too bad they left out many of the little the radio controls I think.... sun roof chrome wheels NO OPTIONS??? Thats what I was told...Kind of stupid on GMS part cause why would I buy a Fast but not that fast car for my commuter if it doesnt come with the little extras that you want in a car you really use......They treat the GTO like its a toy and I dont think people are going to buy it for that reason when there is so much else out there...and faster things out there with more options...

    IMOP another bad move on Pontiacs part
  11. Chill guys, I think it was all in fun and it is a quick car.

    That's an outstanding ride. Several of my buds have trans ams and they have outstanding motors. We must all remember it is the rice which is our enemy. We must kill the rice. The f body is our friend with whom we share the bond of ass kicking, poor gas milage, car alarm setting off, laying down thick blacks streaks of rubber, 8 cylinder AMERICAN fun. KILL THE RICE, KILL THE RICE
  12. Very nice looking car - congrats! I had a 99 T/A for a whille. Neat ride for sure.

    If I may might want to try to get by us lowly 99 Cobras before picking on our younger, more powerful siblings. Any time you're ready - just ask. ;)
  13. There was no comparison made to any other motor, thats just you dreaming things up. Merely a reference that the motor might not be as glass breakable as many believe it to be.
  14. Relax Jeff, don't get your panties wound up.

    Dreaming things up? Why does it matter if I was trying to make a comparison? I was replying to your post with what I feel is relevant info. Should I ask permission prior to replying to your posts to make sure I'm not "dreaming anything up"?

    Those that believe the LS1 is "glass breakable" are just as nieve as those that believe the LS1(6) is handbuilt by God himself.
  15. that would look good in my rearview :p one mean looking ride :flag:
  16. holy crap a 250 shot on an LS1. thats almost as insane as a 300 shot on a 5.0.
  17. now who's panties are wound up here?? :shrug:

    paranoia self destroya, swabby :lol:
  18. Couldn't predict that response. You have a wonderful day.