Bringing back to life an 87' GT T-top

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  1. Yeah.... those are ACC carpet kits. Pretty much the gold standard.
  2. Thanks Noobz, I'm ordering the carpet kit and Prothane rear spring isolators since mine are 90% gone and I could use that extra .25" height in the back of my car if that's what it's going to do.
  3. Good choice on the tires, you won't be disappointed (unless you try to drive them on snow or ice!).
  4. My intentions are to never drive it unless it's warm and sunny out. My 4Runner is my winter rig and handles awesome.
  5. I had the ACC mass-back carpet in my car. Fit great. No complaints.
  6. So I got my new black carpet last week and this weekend I tore out all the interior and geez how horribly dirty is 25 year old carpet and with old stale cheetos hiding in all the nooks and crannies.

    I have a question I hope you guys can help me out with. I only have lap belts in the back of the car but I see an opening where a shoulder belt would normally be above the rear speakers. Did 1987 Mustangs only come with lap belts? Or are my shoulder belts missing somehow?
  7. Lap belt in 87 rear. Newer ones have shoulder belts
  8. 90-93 switched over to shoulder belts when they re-designed the rear interior 1/4 panels. Always though it was dumb how the shoulder belt went right over the speaker when not in use.
  9. I wonder if I have newer panels since I have the slots in them for a shoulder belt but nothing inside them. I'll take pictures later when I get home and post them up. Lap belts will still work with my sons car seat since it has it's own 5pt belts on it.
  10. The lap belt sucks with a car seat it always loosens. I always put my son shotgun because the shoulder belt just seems safer
  11. There is a guy parting out a 92' LX near me and I can pick up his seat belts for $25 for both. I'll have to see how I can mount them but I'm sure I can make it work.
  12. Not sure how safe they would be you'll have to weld the mounting point onto your current vehicle
  13. If you're wondering if you have newer panels or not in the rear, look at the rear shock access covers on the wheel tubs behind the rear seat. Pre '90's are kinda rectangle shaped, while the post '90s are round.
  14. MSD wiring:


    Instead of using the battery negative terminal, attach the heavy gauge black wire to the body ground point by the windshield washer filler.

    The battery common ground is a 10 gauge pigtail with the computer ground attached to it.
    Picture courtesy timewarped1972
  15. I got my interior cleaned out, noticed a couple of tears in the floor pan that need to be welded up and a little bit of rust. Going to get it welded up this weekend and get my interior back in. MM Subframes and CAI from LMR will arrive this Tuesday the 19th and I'm going to get those in and get this damn car on the street!! I'm getting fever to drive it or get rid of it.


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  16. Got some work done this weekend. It all went mostly smooth however I'm effin stuuuuupid for a overlooking something before starting my car.

    Anyways, got the CAI installed. Couldn't get it to fit right with matching chrome pipe that came with it so I'll tackle that another day.

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    Now for the stupid. I got the floor pans welded up and new carpet laid out inside and holes trimmed for the shifter and e-brake. I had been trickle charging my battery all day and wanted to fire her up since it's been about 2 months since I did it when I did the A/C delete and PS pump relocation. As I was installing the carpet I kept looking at the oil pressure line that I disconnected months ago and was thinking I need to hook it back up before starting it up. Needless to say I forgot and I had a puddle of oil on my driver side under the peddle assembly.

    Carpet laid in before the Exxon spill

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    Feel free to verbally flog me on being an airhead. At least it's black carpet and I'll only smell it, lol

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  17. That sucks man. :(

    All you can do to try and get it out (and the smell) is use your favorite flavor of baking soda based Carpet Fresh. Let it soak up as much of the oil as it can, vac it out with a shop-vac, and repeat (many times).

    As an alternative (if you want to remove the carpet) is to use warm water (hot to the touch) and a dish/laundry detergent mix.

    Stay away from harsh detergents/cleaners.
  18. ^^ That's kind of funny. My buddy had a similar thing a few years back. he was driving to work and the line feeding the oil pressure gauge in the car broke. not only could he not figure out what happened to the oil pressure but he didn't know right away why his leg was getting warm... needless to say he was covered in oil. lmfao- good times
  19. Thanks Noobz, I was wondering what kind of cleaner to use and some baking soda should make a big difference.

    I need to replace the line anyway. I have the clear plastic/PU like line and want to upgrade it to a stronger more reliable line. Any suggestions? Is there a S.S. braided line for OP gauges?
  20. Yes, auto meter makes a kit in ss braided or I use the copper line kit in my car..