Bringing back to life an 87' GT T-top

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  1. As i've been sanding, sanding, sanding and more sanding (i barely have finger prints anymore) I was curious what the original color of my car was. It wasn't until I removed more of the GT trim on the rear quarter panel and the bumper when It finally showed it's true factory color, WHITE! I pulled the quarter windows as well. This car has been painted 3 times since 1987, (1) correctly at the factory with white, (2) half ass green, (3) scuffed it up a little and removed nothing and shot it blue, ALL ASS. Now that I know the real color I think I'll bring it back to original and paint it white. I know it's not exciting but I think it's the best thing to do and won't get as hot in the summer when I drive it. Besides my F-150 Screw is white and I'm thinking I'll paint and modify each vehicle to match each other.

    Rear GT trim removed to show original color

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    Here you can see all the colors. The red under the hatch is from a long life that too many Foxs live and owners rob other cars for parts and this one is no different. The fenders and hatch are from a red car.

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  2. I really like white foxes. Nothing beats a really clean looking white engine bay.
  3. Agreed. Perhaps I'm partial though since I own a white fox.

  4. You owning one only backs up what you say.

    I've been into white vehicles with black accents lately. People can say it's played out and maybe it's true but only on the internet. In my neck of the woods you don't see too many modded vehicles, you won't see any "murdered out" vehicles and I can count on one hand how many Fox mustangs i've seen in my area and only 2 of them were worth turning your head for. They're all hiding somewhere or maybe they're all broke down and getting fixed?

    Question is what color do I paint the T-top trim? White like the rest of the car or black like the window trim? Not sure how it came from the factory.

  5. True, i'll probably attempt a partial wire tuck. Nothing serious like some people do. I'm thinking not this winter but next will be when I pull the motor, paint the engine bay and rebuild the motor with upgraded heads and intake. It'll take me all winter to do that and i'll be comfortable with my garage heater while doing it :cool:
  6. It's been a while since i've posted. Anyone that read the first page should know know why. We were expecting twin babies in late July and they were born July 23rd. Twin girls, Kylee Grace 6lbs 19.25" and Makayla Marie 5lbs 14oz 18.5" and are identical. With that being done now I have zero time and energy to work on the t-top for a long time. The twins keep us up most of the night and now I'm back at work and on a good day I don't fall asleep at my desk and I have to triple check my work since with my position there is no room for mistakes and mistakes can lead to injuries or worse. The most on any given night we get about 2-3 hours of sleep at a time and about 4 hours total overall.

    Anyways, I was digging through some stuff and found my first love, my 88 LX mustang 5.0 that was totaled by some drunk driver when she side swiped it twisting the rear axle and relocating the entire rear end to the right a couple inches. I miss her a lot and can't wait till I have the time and energy to continue to work on my 87 t-top. Here is the only picture I have of my 88 LX taken off of Oceanside Blvd off the 78 in San Diego, Ca in 1996.

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    Hope everything is going smoothly with everyone's projects and families. I know my family is truly blessed to have a wonderful addition x2. Can't wait to teach my daughters how to change oil and work on cars!
  7. Conrgrats to you and the wife! All I can say is love them to death every second you can. They grow up in a blink of an eye, and the next thing your know, you are handing them the keys to their own car.

    Don't sweat not being able to work on the car. Life is about priorities. Took me ten years of waiting for my kids to get older before I got back into things last year. Cars will come and go but family is forever.