Broke down and sold the Stang. New ride(Not stang)

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  1. how much did one of those go for? that 9500 had to only cover a 1/4 of that price.. them things are expensive.. for a while i was callin :bs: lol
  2. must be uncle bens then cause it is good rice.
  3. nothing like a nice dose of brutal honesty! :rlaugh:
  4. rich little ****:p
  5. Looks expensive
  6. You will get all the beatches now
  7. must be nice to have parents pay for ****:(
  8. ...guys plz dont start all this mommy and daddy buy u everything crap (not saying u are just dont) nobodys said ti to him before nd just cause he got a new car that his dad HELPED him wich doesnt mean ****... no hard feelings towards neone :nice: afterall...hes not joe lol
  9. Nothing wrong with his dad helping out. My old man got me my first car. It was a back row trade in special from a dealler for $500. 1987 cutlass cerria with a tech-4 2.5L pos Maroon with porno red interior that left me to walk home many-o-times.
  10. I didnt want to be the 1st one to say it. But I will give you the standard "You should have got a Terminator"!!!!
  11. :Word:
  12. I actually like that you got the new Lotus. I bet that car is just a blast to drive around a corner.... It's probably even better at the track.

    Go take some better pictures and have fun!
  13. How much did that Lotus cost?
    I would imagine that parts and service are going to cost plenty:D.$$$:lol:.

    I wouldn`t even think of going that way.
  14. He's got a camera phone so you know he has cash layin around for parts lol.
  15. fugly...sry
  16. I'd be jealous but I just know that next time I'm in Atlanta you will help me ditch my wife and we'll go pick up chicks :)
  17. Feels great to get your dream car huh, I know how it feels. Congrats!
    But c'mon, get some better pics!
  18. wow im suprised you sold the vert, where did you advertise it to get hits that quick?

    the elise definantly is a header turner, most people stare for a few min and ask what it is but i honestly believe there is such better choices you could have picked
  19. Sucks that you sold the stang, but so long as you are happy that is what counts. I think you could have done much better than a lotus elise for spending 40K+ on car. Me myself I would have put the money down for an 07 shelby. It's a badass car, that would appreciate in value fast, you could make money off of one of those, when the time comes, put it on ebay, and all those peope dying to have the first ones that didn't preorder will pay a pretty penny for one, like with what happened with the Xbox 360. Me myself I'd keep the Shelby though. I liked your vert it is sad to see it go, enjoy the lotus but.......For that kind of money you'd think the British would put in a decent engine, and interior in the car atleast. Seriously I could have designed a better interior for 2K. Those seats look like two pieces of plywood with folded edges, wrapped in leather.
  20. damn yall fell for it! I told yall I would NEVER sell my vert. It is my neighbors car, he traded it for his TT Audi A6. It is badass though, handles like a mofo! My baby is still right in my driveway! I didn't know what engine they had either, I got all my info off google searches. I just wanted to see what you guys would say. Plus if my dad would help me out at all with a car I def. woulda got a terminator, comeon yall know me better than that!

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