Broke down and sold the Stang. New ride(Not stang)

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  1. Get some better wheels...:)
  2. Man I aint got no moneys! My dad don't pay for ****! I wish he did, cuz i gotta pay for gas, mods, insurance, which isn't even bad cuz the car is still a one owner recreational vehicle (under my dads name) and I pay 35 buckaroos a month!
  3. :D I'll talk him into letting me borrow it! The chicks won't fit! I guess my lap or the trunk may work, wait there is no trunk!:bang:
  4. I was just getting ready to reply to you with... HAsnt the car been in the family for a while how could you sell it?

    Then I see you were joking... azzbag [​IMG]
  5. Damn you guys believe anything. No offence but getting 9500 out of the vert in 1 day you could only dream about that. People would lowball to you had blue balls LOL LOL.. BTW for all you hatin on the Lotus, Unfortunatly it out handles our built stangs and power to weight ratio is kick ass. i think its pertty... There is a guy that has 2 in our SCCA events
  7. My Camaro will handles, brakes, and outaccelerates a Mustang with the same mods or stock, but it's just not the same. I need to get it fixed right and sell it to get my fox togeather. Glad you didn't sell it.

    When these guys sell thier foxes for higher performance car, it's funny how they come back. "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave" -Eagles, Hotel California.
  8. My initial reply was gonna be :bs: But I didnt want to get hated on for hating on a fellow :SNSign: er
  9. Why did you waste the money to paint your Mustang? :shrug:
  10. Dam I was gonna say how the F did you get 9500 for your car
  11. Ok yea its cool sorry my bro had the idea for it, just had to try it.
  12. your a cracker you know that lol
  13. i knew it from the 1st post...
  14. thanks ****ing god :rolleyes: lol...idk i was thinkin it woulda been a lot but coulda been a monthly payment thing or something i guess :shrug: basically I fell for it lol :nice:
  15. I figured some of you would get it, oh well.
  16. :shrug: I would have offered you $6000
  17. 9500 seems like a s**t load for your car esp with that many miles-no offense
  18. I don't care! It was supposed to be some outrageous number. Guess you don't get the point of it.
  19. I wasnt trying to be hostile, I was just saying that is where I started to doubt the truthfulness of the thread..but its a joke-I was laughing