Broke my Baby today

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by onefaststang, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Figured we would make one last trip to the track for the year and try for that 9 second pass.

    We make the hou and a half trip, make my first pass... Take it easy and it run's [email protected] on a 1.6 60ft time.

    Get around for the second pass and figure I would give it hell. Do a big ole nasty burnout and stage it up. Launch hard but it's spinning... Feels like the best run I've ever had, it's hauling ass.... About 60ft out BOOM!!!!!

    As far as I can tell, I broke the crank, and at least one rod. I have one hole in the oil pan and the crank looks like it's a litle crooked. I destroyed the balancer, and the brand new 8" vortech pulley I just bought it ruined because I drug it and the balancer under the car for about 20ft trying to get off the track.

    So it's broke, I should know more tomorrow when I get the motor out. Gonna have lots of parts for sale soon, vortech is going, and I'm hoping the heads are still in good shape.
    At least the first 60ft felt like a 9 second run. :(
  2. oh man that sucks!!!1
    sorry man
  3. Thanks Joe, I'm hurtin right now.....
    Wanna buy a blower?
  4. just dont quit and rebuild. :)
  5. I've got $10 if you wanna sell that blower :) jk..

    sorry man, that sucks. just rebuild it to be bigger and better
  6. damn, sorry to hear that i know what its like to hear that "BOOM" and it sucks,

    but if you do end up selling anything let us know,

    i know i need some heads like a crackhead needs a cigarette
  7. Sorry to hear JR :(.
  8. That was with a YS on a 393 right? I have a YS in the garage supposed to go on a stock 302 block. What teeth ratio were you running on the big motor. I have three blower pulleys and one big crank pulley, all cog parts.

  9. haha, its a touch too much blower for my set up :)

    chin up bro, you can and will always re-build it.
  10. JR what crank and rods were in the motor? Do you know what caused it?

    Good Luck....
  11. Jamie, I wasusing the 8" crank and 3" blower pulley. Both are 8-rib serpentine.

    Rick, The crank was the summit boxed/scat(marked) crank and the rods are scat H-beams I got from Brian. Not exactly sure what is broken yet or not but once I get home I'm going to try and yank the motor and tear it down.

    I have to sell everything to fund a rebuild so a bunch of stuff is going to be for sale. I'm just hoping not too much is damamged. I got this crazy idea about a modular swap last night :shrug: That would cost me even more money that I don't exactly have right now also though. I don't think the block would be strong enough either though.
  12. Sorry to hear man. I know exactly how you feel. Except when I blew my motor it was ON THE WAY TO THE TRACK.
    I was simultaniously "F***ed On Race Day!" and "Found On Road Dead."
    I hope I'll be "First On Race Day" before any of those happen again.
    But you know what, cheer up....You'll make it faster than before when the time to rebuild it comes. I did and I'm freaking happy with my new stroker (Still breaking it in).

    P.S. You possibly broke a forged crank and H-beams!!! This should be interesting, I'd like to hear more about this when you pull themotor apart.
  13. Was that a cast or fordged crank?

    Damn I wonder if it was one of the 8740 rod bolts? I upgraded mine to ARP 2000 just to be safe. You really don't hear of too may people braking a 4340 SCAT crank or 4340 H beam I have seen them take 1000hp with no issues.

    Let me know what parts your getting rid of if you go that route...
  14. With the information you provide you've left a lot of variables...

    First, are you even sure it's the crank? Have you torn it down to look at the block? Keep in mind when the block lets go the crank is no longer held in the mains. Cast, forged or billet really doesn't matter at that point.

    Second, if you bought it through Summit it is a *CAST* crankshaft.

    What balancer were you running? What was it balanced to? Who balanced your assembly? How many miles are on all of it?

    Sorry for the bad news JR but until we get it torn down it's really up in the air.

  15. As of right now...
    Block is spit right down the middle of the lifter valley. Not sure what shape everything else is in yet. Should have the heads off after I grab a bite to eat. Pics will be later.

    Thanks for the condolences guys. Brian, I did buy the crank from Summit, Balance was 50oz(I know, I couldn't afford to 0 balance at the time. Crank was from Summit.
  16. :(

    those pics make me sad...
  17. JR,

    Lots of things really not going in your favor, 9 second passes with an 11 second bottom end.

    Cast crank, 2 bolt block to start. Add a heavier than stock, 50oz imbalance, and a large blower and you're really not helping things.

    My bet is that the block let go, we've abused these cranks without failure, but with all of the cons on the crank I wouldn't be surprised there either.

    I hear you on the budget but as the old going goes...

    "How fa$t do you want to go?"

    BTW: I had a typo, the Summit cranks are CAST.

    Think of the bright side, we can build a 418 this time. :D

  18. Brian, looks like I'm gonna go MOD MOTOR. Something different. I'm tired of everyone trying to play catch up with me around here so it's time for a change.

    I've got a line on a 5.4 shortblock already. You got any internal stuff for these yet? After selling what I have, I may have about $2000 to put into it, if I can't get something strong for that, it's probably going to sit for a while.

    I've got one head off, and a couple of the pistons look like they are turned just a little bit. So I am assuming the rods are bent. Looks like the #7 piston went all the way out the bottom of the cylinder, and tried comming back up. The rins are holding it against the bottom of the cylinder.

    I didn't think the crank was going to be a big problem, I've seen lots of guys running them making more power than I was. We will know tomorrow how the bottom looks. Engine should be out tomorrow night after work.
  19. Aww man that blows!! I've been following your progress for a long time and was really looking forward to seeing your first single digit time slips. Good luck with everything and be sure to keep us posted.