Broke my Baby today

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by onefaststang, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Too bad about it -- but at least you have a cool story to tell. Nothing beats a story about breaking stuff from just overpowering the parts. :nice:
  2. sorry to hear about that man, but like I always hear, when somthing breaks make it better, oh and that block is fine just put a little super glue and it will be good to go, oh and that video was awsome, up until the boom then it just turned sad, good luck with the rebuild
  3. Hey guys, just some info for you here.

    My buddy has a 393 with a 4340 Scat crank, 4340 Scat H beams (8740 bolts) and SRP's. Basically the same thing I am building but I am using JE's... no biggie. Both use 2.1 chevy rod journals, balanced to 28 oz. The car went 9.82 at 140 last weekend, it's only gone down the track a couple times with the nitrous but all seems just fine. The block is an 84 cemented to the bottom of the water pump holes.

    JR, I think your problem was your late model block. Another friend of mine has a the exact crank as you and hs gone into the 9's a few times. Also, these are nitrous motors which are not heaving on the front of the crank.

    Just my 2 cents.
  4. Good info N8.
    Looks like everything in the engine bay is going to be for sale now guys.... What a way to celebrate my birthday huh...
  5. can't feel sorry enough for ya, so here's a little birthday bash with all the little icons, :banana: :lock: :spot: :spam: :jester:

    look at em go, oh happy birthday man
  6. Sorry to hear about the brake.

    On the other hand I am 110% jealous of the fact your going to build a 5.4 modular for the car. I would love nothing more than to drop a 5.4 4V in my LX. God that would be so sweet.

    Good luck with the new project.
  7. well, so far both heads are fine.

    Cylinder #3 has a huge crack starting about halfway down and going to the bottom of the bore. Can't get the engine hoist out of the back room untill later, so we will have pics of the bottom end then.
  8. I'm thinking none of this would have happened if you would have just gone with the single turbo. :p
  9. OUCH......
    Sorry to hear about this crap. I was kindof surprised when i got your email today and heard you broke it.
    Mod Motors rule, and I want one in my car so badly. I priced it and looked into it before $$$$$$ I imagine your going to run the FAST system on the mod motor, or modify the stock harness to work?
    Why dont you fund putting a 4.6 DOHC in my car and take the 408 off my hands :nice:
    If your going to get rid of the Accell DFI let me know.
    BTW Happy Birthday, Drink one, or two, or three for me.
  10. Well, whatever goes back into the car will have the single turbo on it.

    I was hoping the Acell would work with the mod motor, not sure about it or not yet. Hard to find good info on the swap.

    Got the motor out of the car tonight. Every single main is ripped out of the block, the studs are pulled out. The block is cracked up the side... The crank is broken in half, bot not a single rod is broken, but they all look bent or twisted. A piece of the crank went through the oil pan. I believe all the pistons are ruined 3 or 4 of them are pulled down into the crank. The oil pump is broken off and the pickup is bent up a little bit... all in all, it looks pretty good in there haha yeah right.

    Batteries died in the camera, so pics will be up as soon as it's charged.

    Ohh yeah, Mike, I quit drinking last september, so I'll have a mt. dew for ya.
  11. Good Choice on the drinking thing..
    Just in case you didnt know. Get ahold of Lidio at Alternative Auto, hes a mod motor/fox body genious. He will help you out all he can. I called him once and he runs nothing but the FAST system on his car and all the customer swaps.
  12. those pics are going to give me nightmares....
  13. Damn...well I guess if you are going to brake it, that is the way to do it. Looks like it got jammed pretty bad to see the H-beam twisted up.

    Why sell it all and go modular? Although I think it is cool...Why not build another 351W since it was almost getting you to your goal and will be much, much cheaper in the long run.
  14. Omg Omg Omg.. :(
  15. Oh the humanity
  16. Wow.... that's a good one.

  17. JR,

    We do everything for the mods, the cranks aren't cheap though. Rods and pistons are comparable to Windsors so it's not too bad there.

    On the flip side the blocks are bullet proof. :D Make SURE you run the billet oil pump and other bandaids for some of the stock systems.

    BTW: Nice to see the rods bending instead of breaking.

  18. My buddy blew up his harley truck on 12psi of boost this morning! broke 4 rods, the crank, and took both heads and one cam with it!

    Not a good day for ford motors!

    Hey, OneFast, can you pm me and keep me on your list to receive your old parts, I'll help you get the next motor going by relieving your old parts!
  19. Brian, what type of machine work does the dart block need? I've been thinking that it's going to cost me about the same either way I go. The only reason I was considering modular is because of the strength of the block over the windsors block. I'm going to sell my heads to pay for new rods and pistons, so I will need new heads later on. I always wanted to go bigger anyways right.....

    Rick, the cost of the Dart block is what was shying me away from the Windsor again. But then again, once you take a production block and put $1000 worth of machine work, etc.. into it your about halfway to the dart block, so I'm not sure what I am doing yet.