Broke the oild dipstick tube, now I can't check oil!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by astronut1885, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. About two months ago I was installing my headers and I broke the tube that holds the dipstick in the oil pan :bang: . Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing, except for the fact that it broke flush with the hole in the block :bang: , so I couldn't get it out :owned: . Apparently the only way to get at it would be to drop the oil pan and push it out, which is a pain in the ass and a considerable job :mad: . Now I have a bolt plugging the hole and can't check my oil :nonono: . I guess I just have to be religeous about my oil changes from now on until I have a good reason to drop the pan and fix it while I'm down there. If anyone has an easy fix for this, let me know!
  2. My car has a check oil light that comes on when the oil is a qt low. If you kept the dipstick and the housing that broke off you should be able to remove the bolt you put in there and check it if you are careful. I would try to run a tap in it or something to snag it and get it to come out. Maybe you could drill it out, but that may require you to drop the pan to recover shavings, so scratch that. Maybe it would be cool to knock it on down into the pan and fish it out of the drain hole, I dont have a clue really just guessing, good luck. Someone will come up with more ideas.
  3. Hey astronaut, read the last thread in similar topics at the bottom of the page. There is some good advice for you in that thread. Look at the post by jrichker, that looks like the best idea to me.
  4. Yeah, I thought of that. That, or JB welding it back together, but I'd rather just get the piece out. I wouldn't mind smacking it into the pan, either, because an oil change is due any time now. I know a new dipstick costs like 20 from Ford, I just gotta clear that hole.

    Oh, and it's astroNUT, because I'm damn crazy! :rlaugh: :banana:
  5. There's a collar on top of the block, if that's still visible, I would try and bend that i nith a screwdriver so you can get a good grip on it with some pliers, etc. Then you can twist it out of the block -- it's only a pressfit.
  6. Gonna go to Ford and order a new dipstick tube tomorrow, will try and fix when it comes in. I'll post my results.
  7. I tried to get it out today, It didn't want to budge, not that I could really hit it hard at all or pull hard. It isn't easy getting under a lowered Stang... Maybe next time it is on the lift at my mechanics I will go at it. I don't even have a replacement dipstick yet, so if I do open the hole back up I will have a problem.
  8. Same thing happened to my brother's car.

    Here is what we did. Took and Easy Out, one of those things that is used to remove broken bolts, and used it to get the broken part to twist in the hole it is pressed into. Once it started to loosen up we we used a screwdriver on the edge of the lip to push it out. Changed to oil too just in case some metal shavings got in there.
  9. I thought about that, I just need to get under the car better than in the driveway with no room to work. Next time on the lift I should get it...
  10. I got it out finally, and I put in a nice new chrome one. I got the chrome piece cheaper on Ebay than Ford wanted for a new OEM one, and it is authentic Motorsport. WOOT