Broken Spring...........advice On What Route..

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  1. It seems my no. 2 cylinder trouble with the compression test had something going on with it for sure and today it was confirmed after hearing a ticking noise from the valve cover yesterday. When I pulled the pass side cover, the rocker arm was twisted and the spring was in pieces , some still around the valve. The valve looked fine from what the eye can see. My engine swap guy is going to stop by tommorow to look at and hopefully we can determine rather just putting on a spring and checking the compression will suffice.

    I could take my hand and push/pull the valve about an inch either way, the tip of valve. I am a noob when it comes to anything dealing with the head and its functions though I ofcourse have seen the rockers, pushrods, springs. Never messed with any of them , set lash or anything so I guess I am about to learn. If we deem it is safe to go ahead and just replace the spring and check compression, would it be best to get a spring and whatever else is needed from Trick flow themselves or parts store or summit would be fine? If it doesnt matter then I'm all about the best deal if all the spring choices I need will be the same spring and ofcourse I will get the one that will best suite my needs, or what I need actually for that head i guess. I'm asking cause I've never had to buy one before and guess it will have to be specific. Parts store jokers might mess it up anyway so I'm guessing yall will say trick flow or summit. rocker arm image twisted on valve.jpg valve image after removed rocker.jpg
  2. I don't see how the valve could not have made contact with the piston. I think you need to pull the head to check it out.

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  3. For a valve spring to break up like that, I'm thinking there has to be a manufacture defect in the spring itself. Doomed from the beginning sort of thing. If that's the case, regardless of any other damage that may be there, I would be ditching all of those springs.
  4. yeah i have decided to go ahead and rebuild. I am deciding now exactly what I want to do as far as a 306 with a supercharger, 331, 347 with or without an SC? Not sure. The car will be a non track car, just a fun weekend car but i still want to be able to drive it 3 hrs or so if i want to out of town or something sometimes and get decent hwy mpg.

    also want a mean, aggressive , mean quick revving nice custom cam