Broken Vacuum Lines

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  1. First post here! I was wondering where do these vacuum lines lead too. I have included some pictures.
    The last vacuum line pictured I just repaired it by replacing it entirely, just connected it from the tree to the firewall. That fixed my AC vent problems but it didn't fix the problem of the AC not being cool.
  2. Not too good on the V6 stuff. The black one in the first picture goes to the emission control stuff in the fender I believe. The one in the second picture adjusts your fuel pressure and goes to an intake port directly.

  3. The real question is, who was the butcher that managed to tear them all up so badly?
  4. @revhead347 do you know where I can buy replacement parts instore or online. I am completely lost.

    @Gearbanger 101 yeah...tell me about it. Got the car as a gift and trying to do all these repairs myself.
  5. Factory replacements, no. I usually just to the vacutite section of the parts store for butt splices and use regular vacuum line.

  6. By any chance do you have a picture of what should I get? Thanks revhead347
  7. Just ask for vacuum tubing. It's sold by the foot and comes in many diameters. Repairs are always easy with this stuff. Don't worry about the oem stuff being plastic. Just make sure that it's snug when slipping it onto a nipple or between a section of broken plastic line that you cut out because it was cracked. You can even make your own vacuum tree with short pieces of tubing and vacuum tees.
  8. Thanks Toyman I will have to check out the auto parts store and get some vacuum tubing.
  9. +1. Just tell the parts man you need to repair vacuum tubing, and he/she will guide you to the right section. They charge rediculous prices for those vacuum tees and butt splices, so be ready for it.

  10. Thanks @revhead347 I'm going to have to pick up a few items tomorrow from the auto parts store...just found a broken low pressure port and now the system is completely empty of 134a..No wonder I don't have any cool air conditioning.
  11. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I bought the hose for $1.59 and fixed it right away. The car seems to run smoother and quieter.