Brown Truck Came

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    IMAG0070.jpg IMAG0072.jpg



    I should probably start a progress thread since I seem to have a new found love for pic whoring
  2. much better, what else was in the box?
  3. I hope that wasnt everything in that big arse box......
  4. Haha, no there was also a hatch resto kit too. Waiting on another box today with the striker bushing and some MSD stuff. I found it kind of weird that the hatch rebuild kit didn't come with the bushing. The one at LMR does, but i like free shipping better.
  5. Man I love those brown trucks :trip::trip::trip:
    IMAG0094.jpg IMAG0095.jpg IMAG0096.jpg



    AFTER, Although I did like my portagee solution






    Not really a performance mod, but it does look better. Although with the new coil I did feel better throttle response.
    I guess I didnt secure the plug boot on the # 4 plug enough, however. It got really lumpy at idle after I ripped on it, and I nearly crapped myself, but then I remembered what a 7 cylinder sounds like. I pulled in my driveway and sure enough the boot slid off. Thank god that's all it was
  6. I get free shipping from Latemodel Resto :shrug:
  7. Maybe I am just a moron then. Do they have a military discount too?
  8. They have a stangnet discount.

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  9. Not any more. Still a great company and the Stangnet discount is pretty good to.
  10. Now order up something that will get that conical filter out of the engine bay! :nice:
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  11. Like this?

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  12. Ah yessss... That iz veddy nice. :nice:
  13. Brown truck made one of many stops for me yesterday ill post some pics when the rest of them come in lets just say my car will be rolling here shortly under its own power!!!
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  14. progress is looking good man but the whole engine bay needs a clean up ;^)
  15. Brown UPS trucks smash my boxes. Idiot drivers step on my boxes or drop other heavy boxes on top. I am on the "must sign for packages" list for complaining and filing a claim when they smashed some well packed box.
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  17. Thanks. I'm thinking of a doing the intake black as well. I need to find a new cobra emblem because the one on it now is hacked up. All the smog stuff is still in there but it isnt hooked up. This winter I am going to jettison all that and try to do some wire hiding too.
  18. hahahahaha
  19. If wanna do wire hide better start now because it will take longer then you think ask me how i know lol
  20. car3_zpsdbf52821.jpg
    heres what the brown truck ended up delivering to me for my birthday hehe
    s hits about ... to ... go ... down...