Browser shortcut icon no longer displays

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by 99FiveOh, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Before the site update I had a little stangnet icon next to the shortcut I have at the top of the browser (firefox) but now it's just an empty square.

    Not a major problem, just a small annoyance.
  2. Is this a shortcut that you created to take you to a specific forum or thread?

  3. Should be working now.
  4. Ahh... I get ya. Yeah, it's working. Mine just updated too. :p

    (that's why he's the man) o_O
  5. The icon shows for but not in the forums. And yes, I had my shortcut linked directly to my "watched threads" page.
  6. Ok... that's easy. Go to the place in the forum that you'd like to have a quick icon for (i.e. click on WATCHED THREADS if you have them setup or you can navigate to whatever portion of the forums you like). Once you're there, highlight the address in your bar. right click the highlighted address and click COPY. Then right click the space underneath of your address bar and click PASTE or NEW BOOKMARK. If you use the new bookmark option then paste your URL into the LOCATION line. You can name it whatever you like and it should take on the SB icon by itself. :) Whoala. New quickie. :)

    You can delete the old one that you say doesn't work anymore because that specific address doesn't exist anymore.