Brrrr......the water looks cold!

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  1. gp001 is busy re-arranging the deck chairs, the bloody string quartet is giving me a headache, the sheeple are running back and forth............:crazy:


    :banana: :banana: :banana:
  2. Merry Christmas Fritz.
  3. To you too!:hail2:

    I hope EVERYONE here at Stangnet has a safe, healthy and happy Holiday Season! God Bless y'all! :nice:
  4. Don't worry Fritz, we're just gonna pull along side and chisel some off for the ice buckets. We'll all have a night cap and awake in the morning for a rousing game of shuffleboard.
  5. :cheers:
    WHAT!:eek: No Ice Hockey!?!?! :shrug:

    I mean, after all, we're seeing more fights here than in the NHL! :nonono:
  6. Way up north there is no ice for hockey...

  7. That was just mean :mad: Every Christmas season me and my buds buy awesome seats to a Kings game and have a great time (Limo and all). This is the first year since we've been drinkin age it is not going to happen :(
  8. We're gonna set up a rink on the iceberg! :D
  9. Hey, Fritz, I've got an'z about I shut off the heater in the Jacuzzi; you get all your pool noodles and other floatie toys out of it, and we ice 'er down enough for the rink? :nice: Oughta be able to get a little 3-on-3 hockey going; maybe invite Kristy Yama-Goochie and a few of her lady skater buds over for some, uh, exhibition ice-dancing? :banana: :banana: :banana: As long as they leave Curt Whatsisface and the other male skaters back at the Ice-Capades :D

    Man, I'm a little bothered. I show up after a little out-of-mind experience and everybody goes on the "SN's going to Hades in a Handbasket!" kick again. Bad enough that I've gotta become short & round, paint myself green, and pack all four eyes (six, actually, wearing bifocals now :rolleyes: ) into one single eyeball. Now this latest could give an mini-sized closet monster a complex. Should I just pack up the Jacuzzi and cart it off to some R/C forum? :shrug:

    Guillermo Pedro
  10. We're not on a "SN's going to Hades in a Handbasket!" kick again, we're doing the Stangnet goes to Broadway version of "Titanic"!:nono:

    btw....I wouldn't just stand there too long, gp001 might knock you over as he re-arranges the deck chairs yet again!:eek:

    Billy-Joe Bob!
  11. I've arrange a whole section for Dreamin and his man-cuzzi friends (6 right?). Should I add another chair, or 2, for the Keeper of the key and here friend?

    Fuzzy gets a special, re-inforced, monkey fabbed chair

  12. Watch it, Fritz; that chair could mean trouble! :rolleyes:
  13. Ya......I'm worried about that "special, re-inforced..." bit!:eek: and here I've been nice to the monkeys, making sure their "special" football was inflated, buying bananas for them....... :shrug:

  14. Um, errrrrrrr,never mind :nonono:
  15. :nono:

    damned walking talking green eyeball's got his mind in the gutter!:doh:
  16. And to think I'll be strollin' the Strip in Vegas in a few days!

    Should I bring back some show girls fior the half-time show at the first annual "Closet vs Gutter" hockey Match & Basketball brawl?

    Groucho Marx


    Wild Bill

    wyatt earp

  19. ok ya, now the fuzzy blue pervert and his pals are completely out of it...i mean on a jacuzzi? cant we be safe and just use a pool, and asking if people want show girls, thats like asking if they want air to breathe....