Brrrr......the water looks cold!

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  1. Female sounding?? :scratch: Whattheheck gutter has your mind been rolling around inside? :shrug:

    Honestly, if you don't get the whole hockey-Rocky-time warp association in three posts or less; you really need to head back to the Copa for a little practice :rolleyes:

    (Note to Fritz and Dan: Whattheheck kind of kids are they sending up from the minors these days????? :nonono: Poor little guys all trying to impress the EVIL OVERLORD and they don't even realize who she is :p )
  2. :lock: Lock 'em in the dungeon I say! :lol:

    As long as we keep 'em out of The Closet and The Gutter! :spot:
  3. Id say locking stangdreamin, steelhorse, and chepsk8 in a dungeon is going a little far with it...i mean....taking the wheels off their cars would be more the correct speed....
  4. just because you are senile old farts who lived in the dark ages, does not mean ya'll are the evil overlord
  5. I was referring to you!!! :rolleyes:
    You just proved StangDreamin's point, if you knew your Closet / Gutter history you would know we are NOT The EVIL OVERLORD.......Chelle is, and Oboebrian is The Closet Door Dawg!:D

    btw.....Do your parents know you think they are senile old farts who lived in the dark ages?:scratch:
  6. I know who you were referring to :p and sorry Im just getting into the Closet/Gutter history.

    oh, btw, my parents arent even 40 yet :D
  7. Hey guys!

    COBRASK8 has no wheels & tires!!!!!

    I'm off to Vegas! I'll find Elvis and send him regards from the Gutter & Closet!

    Home Friday, time to Boogie!

    It's just a JUMP to the Left...........
  8. Don't forget my....ummmm.....errrr.....I mean "sally's" presents! :D

    and a step to the right................ :spot:
  9. No, actually we're her "Internet Dads" But thank you for playing; the BBFCM has presented you with a nice parting gift :D :D :D :

    Of course you "already knew that":

    Nice try sparky; I'm not buyin' it! :D Oh, by the way, the little smiley you were trying to show ( :p ) is ": p", not ":p" See, you got lost trying to follow old-timer shortcuts!
  10. I hope evryone has a safe, healthy and happy New Year!
    GOD Bless!
  11. as long as you stay off the half frozen jacuzzi, everything should* be aight
  12. Geez, I ain't THAT senile, nor did I live this long without knowing one shouldn't skate on thin ice! :nonono:
  13. so you are saying you are the only man alive whose wife hasnt ever told him "watch it, you are walking on thin ice"??? :D
  14. Well, BBFCM, I'll let you explain the wife situation to him. :nonono:

    Meanwhile, I know that, when my wife slips out my full "James Michael Aloysius ____" name; I know she's probably just joking with me. The full-bore, semi-ballistic Hungarian silent treatment means I'm in very seriously deep doo-doo! :rolleyes:

    Meanwhile, maybe you better let Steelhorse converse with this guy....let Peanut-boy explain to him how easy it is to become Peanut-Gutter Butter! :D
  15. hahaha, you and BBFCM are hilarious. and trust me, i have a mom, i know when us guys (theres 5 in my house, dad and us 4 boys) are in trouble. Its either the silent treatment or your first and middle name yelled loudly....haha....

  16. Dude, if you're still living with your Mom, you still have no clue what it means to be in trouble with a woman. Moms always cut their sons some slack when they (the Moms) are p***** off!

    Talk to me after you've been married 21 years. Yeah, I know, you haven't even lived 21 years; that just means you haven't lived enough to have a real clue :rolleyes:
    Just.......get back to me! :p
  17. close except for one thing my mom is 1 woman vs. 5 guys. She has to really get mad to get our rears in gear to get anything done haha. And lately girls are too much of a pain, im just going to stick with the mustang for awhile...
  18. Sorry bubba, never married. That being said, none of my girlfriends have ever said
    As StD said, there are far, far, FAR worse things they say / do!:eek:

    Good idea!:nice:
  19. Just got back here..

    What happened to the Time Warp??????
  20. It's just a jump to your left.........