Bs Mileage Listed On Fox Mustangs For Sale

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  1. I was just looking at some listings for fox body 5.0's and am amazed at the number of "low mileage" cream puffs. I am calling BS. When someone is saying the car has 26k original miles I bet it is more like 126k. My 92 gt shows 67k miles but I damn well know it is 167k miles. I wonder why ford didnt install a bigger odometer. Guess they didnt have much faith in the product. Cant complain though. My 167k mile 5.0 starts right up and shifts perfectly every time.
  2. Federal regulations didn't require the million mile odometer, and remember that the Fox platform was designed with 1970's technology. They really didn't expect them to be around in 2013.

    I totally agree with you though - the true mileage of most of these supposed "low mileage" cars is probably 140k+.
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  3. carfax tells all.
  4. the dead giveaways are things like qt windows and :poo: like that people crack me up though

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  5. Yep, It is like that with any sports or collector car. The only true way to know is with a carfax and title check. Never understand how people can buy a used car without one or the other.
  6. Mine says 48k but I'm proud to surprise people (some of them at least) when I tell them 148k. Definitely check the Carfax. You can gets 3 separate searches for like $60
  7. Carfax isn't foolproof, but it is better than nothing. My GT is branded exceeds mechanical limits, as most of them should be. My LX has rolled over at least once, but isn't reported that way.
  8. I have had my 92 gt vert for almost a year. I had the unlimited carfax for a month deal when I was searching. It was amazing how many were falsely advertised. Some were original 4 cyl cars, some had miles all wrong. I saw the one I eventually bought had been originally a California car. First two owners put on very low miles over first ten years. Then some teenager must have got hold of it and really let it go. Somehow it made its way to the east coast. There was a minor accident where bumper the cover and right fender were repainted (poorly). But it was mostly original and I was looking for either triple black or white and negotiated for 3k. Since then I have put about that much in it. The most expensive thing was a new fabric top with pads cables etc that set me back 1800. But I knew that going into it. Everything else I did myself. Suspension, window motors, door handles, trim pieces, window guide bushings etc. Once I get the bumpers and fenders re-sprayed the car will be acceptable in my eyes.
  9. I still have 96K miles on mine. I bought the car with 48K on it or something like that. I know it's actual miles because I bought the car in 1997...and the previous original owner was a 60-year old woman.

    But other than I do not trust half the miles i see out there given how easy it is to roll back an odometer on these cars.

    I have other gripes with used Fox Mustangs for sale however:

    • Listing the mileage of the rebuilt engine as the vehicles new mileage. 180K mile chassis, but 10K mile engine = listing 10K miles as the mileage. A
    • Ad listing looks like a parts shopping list. No mention of the condition of the car. i can go buy all those parts new if i wanted...a clean fox is harder to find so I'd rather know more about the car
    • Unrealistic expectations that mods add to vehicle value. Just because you add a $3K supercharger kit to a $1000 POS doesn't make it a $4K car.
  10. Haha, I have seen many of those. My favorite was a gt vert for sale here a few months ago. The guy was looking for something like 5k....all it needed was paint. It was in primer, had tons of miles and from the pics a laundry list of issues. A decent paint job would cost 3k easy. The car sat on CL forever. I doubt he got more then 2500.
  11. Other ways to check to see if the miles are accurate are to look at the wear of the interior, especially the seats and pedals. People often overlook changing out the pedal covers. I've seen guys advertise low mile cars that have the brake and clutch pedal covers worn down to the metal. Also, if the seats are all ripped up or worn out, then most likely the car has 1XX,000 vs xx,000 miles.
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  12. I just turned 67,000 on my 92, I bought it back in 1998 from the Original Owner and it had 36,000. I hate deceptive for sale ad's too, lots of crap out there.
  13. good call. never thought of changing the pedal covers on my resto. now to make that look new!
  14. Assuming it is accurate. It lists my car, in this order, as having 300k 200k and 100k miles plus the reading. Which is right? Did they calculate the mean average of miles from the replaced parts? Also, there is no mention of the deer it goosed that did not set off the air bag (I hope). I am not sold on the car fox. If 300k is right, it is the nicest 300k one around.
  15. 9,800 original miles on my '92 right now. its only seen rain 3 times in its life!
  16. :shrug: I have a note from the old owner that assures me
  17. I got 104,000...but I'm the original owner. Haha. It's hard to trust anything people say when they're selling a car. Never in an accident, it's all highway miles. Most people will say what it takes to unload it, and don't get me started with dealers!
  18. I also hate when they call the car a Cobra and also cant stand when they dont put a price.
  19. When I had my foxbody, I had a stangnet member carfax it for me since he had some extras.
    Looking over the carfax it showed roll over 3 times, and it also showed that the gauge cluster might've been swapped out for a lower mile odometer.

    And the funny thing was, the car was on a used dealership lot just 6 months before my owning it.

    So somewhere around 400,000 miles could have possibly been on that fox, I have no idea how that much rollover occured?
  20. I believe that the rollover thing occurs each time someone checks "Exceeds Mechanical Limits" on the title. So, if I sold it to you and checked that box, then that would be one rollover. If you then sold it to someone else, and you also checked the box, then that would be two.

    At this point, your vehicle probably simply has an unknown amount of miles. It is in good company.