Budget 351W swap/build thread

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  1. In 94,95,& 96 Saleen cut and welded in a section on the upper plenum AND Extrude honed the upper and lower. After that they quit cutting and welding.
    They are supposed to be extrude honed but I have heard that not all were....I guess I'll see when I take my upper off #58 this winter and send it to you for a polish!:nice:
    But your right 94,95 were Edelbrocks and 96up were Trick Flows, through some boost on and 500hp!:nice:

    351w had the bigger valves I think through 1974....after that the heads were the same as a 302. So if yours is a 74 thats why you had larger valves...every other one for the last 35yrs had the 302 size valves.
    I'm pretty sure it was 74...might have been 75 though:shrug:
  2. I may have said this before... In tests, The Edelbrock Performer always outflows and outpowers any of the GT40 variety of intake manifolds. And, the Edelbrock Perf. RPM outflows the Performer, or at least has a higher operating range. So, even if Saleen increased the flow of their Cobra intakes slightly, is it safe to say at that point they'd be on par -/+ with the Edelbrock intakes?

    So having said that... say I purchase a Typhoon 351 intake like I planned before, since it's based on the RPM intake, it should flow just as well as what Saleen used on their S351, correct? I would love to get my hands on a GT40 351 lower, but lets face it.. people think they're gold or something and want way too much money for them. I've seen them floating around and people are on them like flies on crap.

    The Typhoon is cheaper as a whole than just the lower GT40 351 intake! So I may give a typhoon a try to see how it works. Might clean up the ports and such before hand because I hear they suck with high casting and such.

  3. Mark,
    I think you are correct...I think it would be at least as good.
    I know this is a budget build and everyone is throwing all this stuff at you. I think you are on the right track and you will be happy with the end result.

    Here's something for some thought. Anderson Ford did some tests in 2007 and took a stock 302 from 202rwhp to 506 rwhp in a series of articles, with a typhoon intake!!. They did have 17lbs of boost with a S trim though.

    Here's the link, check out Jan 2007 thru April 2007 starting with Fox flashback.

    Where to find Anderson Ford Motorsport

  4. Yes my 351 is a 74 block and as far as i knew the heads were 74's also.But what i'm saying is my gt40p's was bigger then the 351 heads i took off my motor.My gt40p's were on my 302 and i made 301/318 at the wheels with my 302.Thats why i was saying for him to put gt40's on his 351 for a cheap and decent power head.Unless someone put bigger valves in my gt40p's i had? I knew they were ported and polished but didnt releize they had bigger valves also....well if they did?peace

  5. You are correct in your last paragraph here. The typhones do require alot of smoothing and porting to get them up to par.I know the 351 lightning intakes are hard to come by,but i think if you were to score one and it sounds like your compitent enough to port yourself,you would be so much better off going that route!If you caint port your own stuff and need to take it somewhere you will have a $500 intake (if useing a typhon) and still only flow like a $300 one.Alot of us are throwing out suggestions here but take it from us and learn from my mistakes research research research!!!! peace

  6. John,
    I don't know for sure the change over year in the 70's I guess. I have used a set of 1970 heads with the larger valves, otherwise I have always used aftermarket.

    So if your P heads had bigger valves than your 1974 they must have already gone to 302 heads by then. I'm sure with a little internet searching It would show when they switched.

    Gt 40 and Gt40P have the same intake valve size but the exhaust valve is smaller on the P head. The valves are bigger than the E7.
  7. Unless you know how many times those heads have been off, I wouldn't use the old head bolts.
  8. I guess Chris is still working on that spyder intake!...oh..what.. this thread is from 6 months ago..:rolleyes:
  9. heh, yeah, i decided no to do anything with my intake. i'm taking a break from dumping money into the stang for a while
  10. subsrcribed
  11. I'm going to buy a set of new Eddy E Streets for my motor as well as the oil pan kit come income tax time. I'll really consider getting the TFS R intake for the motor as well.
  12. So, you're going to put a 351 in your car, and then top it off with a stock 5.0 intake. So in the end you pay to put a new engine in your car to make stock 5.0 power, with 351 fuel consumption. It doesn't look like a bargain to me.

  13. Thanks chris for the link, but Kurt has a point. The stock intake isn't even enough for the little 302 in there now, much less a 351. I've decided when I do this I will not cut corners on the intake and go ahead with the TFS R intake.
  14. no worries. i thought you were still going full out in budget mode. best of luck bro
  15. I picked up a few steps along the way on some of these points.
    Gt-40p heads are pretty good heads but the plug angle is a pain with the headers, spark plugs, wires and such. I would use Mac Long tubes, the 351 heads work on my car, and I used there 302LTs with gt-40ps.
    Another big advantage is the smaller chambers especially compared to 74 truck heads. If you can get cheap enough used aluminum heads though, get them.
    H/C/I will all determine the power output, but the other component is compression pressure, it has to match everything else.
    302 parts are made to run 302ci at rather low RPM. Expect the peak RPM to go down about another 800. Increasing airflow will pay off bigger dividends with increasing displacement.
    A tune will do wonders.
    And mostly get it done and enjoy it. You can always upgrade, that is the beauty of Mustangs.
  16. just wondering if you've made any progress or if you at the same stand still that i am on my car and hoping funds will get better?
  17. Damn you Matt! I was all ready to jump on some deals mentioned on the first page then seen how old this **** was
  18. Well.... I was going to get the 351 put in earlier this year, however, due to the poor shape of my car I started looking around for something nicer. I ended up buying a car for parts that was in better shape than mine, so I used parts from mine to get it running and viola, I have a descent Mustang now with a nice black leather interior. Now I can get back to building the windsor.
  19. I know the feeling. i can't ditch my car though. I'm too attached