Budget 351W swap/build thread

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  1. I'm glad I seen your thread now. I thought 90+ 351's were hydro roller blocks turns out its 92+. That's good to know now i know what to look for. Did your 351 have a smog pump on it?
  2. No, it's actually 94+ (very rarely you can find them in late '93 trucks and vans). They are F4 blocks F meaning 90's and 4 meaning '94. The whole number is F4TE which means 94 era Truck Engine.
  3. hmm ok. I want to call the junk yard and make sure they have one before driving all the way to it so thanks for the help
  4. Well that sucks the place I usually go says they don't have any. They gave me the number to another place and all they have is a 93 Lighting motor and they want 2000 bucks for it. Guess I'll check with the little yard near me and see what they got
  5. got one today paid 250 for it. Do you happen to have a pic of where the "F4te" code is located? I read somewhere that its near the starter but I'll be damned if I can find it. Unless it's the numbers I can't read. Dude said it was out of a 94 truck
  6. I know it's on the bottom toward the rear, I just can't remember what side. i'll check for you later on today.
  7. Ok, I just went and checked, the numbers are on the passenger side of the motor, toward the rear of the block and they are facing down..meaning you have to look up under, kinda behind the motor mount area to see them. Mine begin with F4. Another easy way to tell is to just pull the intake off and look in the lifter valley, it'll either have the spider hold down bracket or not.
  8. Yeah I was hoping it wasn't that spot. Them numbers are all screwed up and unreadable. I know the intake says F0TE so I hope that's not right. I was too busy pulling the engine out of the car to worry about pulling the intake off. Maybe I'll do that later today.

    Thanks for looking
  9. You really can't go by the intake because it was designed earlier than the block. They probably made no revisions to the intake on the 93-94 changeover, only a hyd. roller cam block. Just pull the intake off and look for the lifter hold down setup.
  10. Yeah I know that's why I'm not totally worried yet. Having a 351 upper on a 302 would be a **** though LOL