Roush Budget Ram-Air

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sal07b, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Hey,

    I did something a while back that I though you'all might like to know about. I put a Ram-Air kit on the Saleen for $13.00. Anyone with the Saleen front clip can install it. All you need to do is go to Home Depot and buy a 3" to 3" rubber plumbing fitting. This fitting is about 4-5" wide and has two clamps incorporated on either end (~$6.00). Then get a piece of 3" aluminum flexible ducting and another clamp (~$5.00). Lastly you'll need an aluminum sleve (basically a 3" diameter by 4" round pop riveted piece of aluminum ~$2.00).

    The Saleen front clip has 4 round holes (mostly round anyways on the 94-98), two on each side. As it turns out, they are pretty close to 3" in diameter. You'll have to work the rubber fitting on to the back of it and clamp it. It fits nice and tight.

    Next, take the air box off of the car. You'll find that the side that goes into the fender well is made of flexible rubber "aka air silencer" (looks kind of like the end of a trumpet). Unfortunately, the 3" ducting will not fit (the air box opening is pretty much exactly 3" in diameter, caused me to have to make a trip back to Home Depot). That is why you have the aluminum sleeve. It slides snugly into the end of the air box. You then slide the 3" flexible aluminum tubing over the other end of the sleeve and clamp it in place.

    Finally, you feed the flex tube through the hole in the fender and reinstall the airbox. You then trim the flex tube (it was to long, simple razorblade knife will cut it) and clamp it to the other end of the rubber fitting that is attached to the front bumper.

    Wala, ram air induction for under $20! I also removed the wire mesh from the front of the MAF while it was off. The difference in throttle response and pull is very noticable, especially at higher RPM's. I figure anything that brings about a noticable difference in performance for under $20 is a good thing.

    I looked at kits on-line and they basically do the same thing as the one I made. The difference is that there is an ugly "snorkle" sticking out from under the front bumper and it'll cost you ~$140. Mine is totally hidden unless you get under the car and look between the bumper and fender. Can't see a thing...

  2. This almost sounds like a good concept.
    You need to make sure you have grill or mesh or somthing over the bottom
    or you'll be getting bugs and dirt up in your filter alot.