Build Estimate?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Ryan Timiney, May 28, 2014.

  1. Here is the deal... I have all my parts ready to go on the 99 GT, Pace setter longtubes, stage 2 comp cams, and lowering springs. People that gave me estimate will not do my exhaust work including my o/r x pipe. At 50 dollars and hour the estimate was 1,080. They also said the cams would take 11 hours!? The comp cam stage 2's dropped in I was told and from what I've heard can be done in a home driveway 4-6 hours. This place is not tuning it either so it's not tuning hours at all. Anyone in Michigan near Grand Rapids that could help me do this job??? Willing to pay but not over a grand. I feel that's a little steep for this job for just labor. What should be the top amount I pay!? Thanks in advance everyone!
  2. To tell you the truth, that sounds like a decent price for that amount of work. I've heard quotes around $6-800 for cams alone.
  3. $50 an hour is cheap compared to NJ costs. A good performance shop runs $100 an hour out my way and I certainly wouldn't want just any repair shop inside my engine (I'd never let anyone in mine).
  4. That sounds like a decent price to me as well. Shops here charge 100-150/hr for their labor (Bay Area/CA). Cam install alone can cost you 500-800 as stated before.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys! It's a reputable shop here. The guys who own the place run late model cars and build race cars. And they stand behind their work. Hopefully she'll be going in sometime this week :)
  6. Sent a PM but, that is a really really decent price.