1. I have a 95 gt im doing some mods on and need some insight on whether or not my parts combo are good with each other. I have x302 heads b 303 cam tfs streetburner intake 75mm tb 75mm maf 24lb injectors 255lph fuel pump 1.6 rr cai just looking for some opinions thanks
  2. I'm thinking it should run pretty good.

    The cam could probably be upgraded to a better piece, but if you have the B-cam just run that.
  3. So the b303 cam isnt a good cam for a mildly modded car? My goal is 300 rwhp when its finished.
  4. FRPP cams have always been a good choice and trusted but there are better options out there. My suggestion would be to contact Lunatti. Their website has an option where you send them your info on your build and what you want from a cam and they send you their recommendation. I have used this option multiple times and have had great luck with that. Just an option, but like said earlier if you have it already use it!
  5. The best bang for your buck, and a more expensive route, is to have a custom cam done. By doing this you will be able squeeze much more out of your engine, as opposed to an "off the shelf" cam.

    You have the B-cam, which is an improvement over the stock cam, so unless you want to make the absolute most power possible I'd run the B-cam.
  6. i would rather have an explorer intake than a TFS streetburner, and the gt50/cobra/explorer is pretty low on my list of favorites. id do the intake before i would do the cam.
  7. The Alphabet cams aren't the best for 94-95's. You can run it. If you look at the sticky in the 94-95 Tech section and look under cams and what people are making with power you'll get a good idea. I don't think we have any Alphabet cars in that list. They were made for the FOX body crowd. I ran those heads and came up a few HP short of 300 at the wheels.
  8. will it work, yes but i don't see it hitting 300rwhp. you'd be better off with a different cam and different intake.
  9. Ford claims x302 heads are a 65 pony gain alone how true is that I figure maybe cut that number in half
  10. More like 40-48 rear wheel HP in real life, not paper flywheel HP. My car made 241HP with the stock heads and cam. When I switched to the GT40X Aluminum's (x305) and Crower 15511 Cam with 1.72 Rockers, 24lb Injectors it made 289-291HP on the dyno that day.
  11. What did you have on it already? With old school gt40x heads, I would be plenty happy with 290hp!
  12. Here were the mods:

    241HP / 280TQ at the wheels:
    Inductions- Edelbrock Performer Intake, Edelbrock 70MM Throttle Body, Pro-M 77 Mass Air Meter.
    Exhaust- MAC 1-5/8" Long Tubes, MAC 2.5" Prochamber, MAC 2.5" Cat Back.
    Other- Pulley's, Kirban Adjustable Fuel Regulator, 255LPH Fuel Pump.

    292HP / 302TQ at the wheels:
    Same as above.
    Heads- GT40X Aluminum X305 purchased bare, Manley valvetrain swapped for Ferrea valves and Steeda Hi-Rev Springs, Switched to Edelbrock RPM upper intake, Crower 15511 Split duration cam (baby cam), Scorpion 1.72 Roller Rockers, 24lb Injectors, Steeda Aluminum 3-Core Radiator and Dyno Tuned Chip.

    Sames as above.
    Vortech S-Trim V1 Supercharger, 42lb Injectors, Pro-M 80MM Mass Air, 155LPH In Line Fuel Pump.
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  13. Thanks! Great number on just the simple bolt ons for the first pull.
  14. Well that makes me happy that someone with similar mods had made close to 300 at th wheels thanks
  15. Ok so I am ditching the b303 not sure where to start looking for a different cam I know my valve spring are good for 580" lift
  16. I have used the TFS-1 cam on 2 of my 5.0 combos (one with the X heads) and it worked well for me. Nice mean idle and good street-ability. But as mentioned before, for only about $80 more you could get a custom grind and I have heard great things about FTI. Both products and customer service are top notch and on the website I see custom grinds for $339.
  17. Yes my issue is I can return my cam to latemodel and just exchange it for a different cam I am coming to terms with the fact that I may not make 300 rwhp
  18. Also I just realized that a 75mm tb is overkill for you. Id go with a 70. And with a good tune you should be within 15hp of your goal. Check out some user combos. Even the pricier ones never make over 310 rwhp. Torque is where you want your money anyway, being that hp is a calculation based on torque/ engine speed.
  19. I bought all 75mm will It hurt or did I just spend more than needed
  20. You may lose some low-end grunt and fuel economy will suffer(not like you drive a 5.0 for 40 mpg I know). The 75mm MAF is fine but a 75mm tb will support nearly 500 rwhp. It is just overkill and it is not going to help maximize your combo.