1. I have plans on building another motor next winter and bought most of my parts so I could use them on that build also such as the tb and maf
  2. If that is the case then there is no sense replacing the tb, but be ready to get a bigger MAF/ one that is calibrated for larger injectors and also larger injectors if you plan on making more than 350 rwhp with a new setup.
  3. Haha yea i guess you are right but all parts are in the garage already kinda sucks now
  4. I feel your pain sir. If the parts are new maybe you can swap them? If not a 75 mm tb isn't going to cost you 20 hp or anything like that. It should be easy to resell the MAF when the time comes also being that 75mm calibrated for 24lb injectors is probably the most popular one.
  5. Yea i guess its slap it together and hope it goes ape :poo: anything better than stock lol
  6. you will be very pleased going from stock :nice: